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hallucI thought this was “just adorable!” Snark, snark.

Laughing wryly here, but I’ve been having entirely too much fun watching the annual Seattle-Protest-Everything-Riot where they seize the streets, the cops go home, and nobody knows what to do because our local leadership is farther Left then the radicals out smashing windows, and yes Matt Walsh, we have “totally given up on society.”

It’s a yearly event. Thanks for noticing.

Every year! This is a matter of routine. WTO, May Day Riots, Pride Parades, Occupy Everything, Antifa. Without fail hoards of confused, mostly young entitled white people, hijack a cause, seize the streets, and just go out to break things and Rage Against the Machine.  They want to rebuild society. They have a utopian vision. Than a roving gang of homeless people steals all their food and they get really hungry. One year the City Council actually had pizzas delivered for them. The city has now brought in sanicans and handwashing stations. It’s like watching a really bad rerun over and over and over again.

Fortunately we can interrupt this regularly scheduled programming of  “Dispatches from the 9th Circuit of Hell,” to bring you, “Wit and Wisdom from the Atheist World.”

All in good humor here,  but I almost wish this was the foundation of Christianity! Near as I can tell, a good chunk of Christian people just completely ignore Scripture.  The atheist version of fictional Paul is in great shape, he actually believes Scripture is a valid source! Woot! Three cheers for Paul.

I should elaborate on the notion of “hallucinations,” but I’m a bit gun shy. The last time I tried to defend the nature of reality and the limits of human perception, the guy who sat down to inform me I was the crazy one, was wearing nothing but a loin cloth with a bone through his nose. I surely don’t want to repeat that experience! Suffice it to say, I not only talk to the voices in my head, when they line up with Scripture and with the goodness of God, I actually do what they say.  My sheep know my voice.

But most importantly, as beloved as Paul is, as much as his words have just poured into those broken parts of my soul at the most desperate of times, he is not actually “Christianity’s foundation.” He is hugely influential, significant, faithful, historical, much loved, but Christianity’s foundation is actually Jesus Christ.

I just want to say that once more, Christianity’s foundation is actually Jesus Christ. But mostly I just want to say to atheists, don’t let fear of being perceived as a hallucinating nutcase who relies on the Bible, keep you away from Jesus. Trust me, you’re living in an asylum run by clowns, selling “Science” to the highest bidder, and making a mockery out of  people’s ability to think for themselves.

I call this area I live in the 9th circuit of hell because our foundation is all broken, because our edges have become blurred lines, because what is good is called “bad” what is bad is called “good,”  and it is all very relative. About the only thing you can count on is that everything will be cloaked in complete moral ambiguity and those who try to work hard will be punished and those whose don’t will be rewarded.

Somebody smart gave me the word confused, meaning “con” and “fused,”  fused to a con, also known as chained to a deception. Atheists may not like the foundation of Christianity, they may mock and ridicule them, lie and distort them, but at least there is a foundation, a standard,  a parameter to contain our human chaos.

Hope I don’t sound too gloomy. I’m actually blessed and highly favored, safe even, and caught off guard by unexpected moments of joy. I just grieve for people sometimes, and for a world that desperately needs Jesus.