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white paper on a vintage typewriter

I think because I love story telling so much, bad headlines tend to get under my skin like a sliver might get under your fingernail. It’s exceedingly painful and prone to fester.

Telling stories is about shaping narratives, not global narratives or political ones, but simply shaping the narrative of the story, attempting to paint a picture of what you see with words, setting the mood, controlling the tone, perhaps even revealing some truth in the process.

Then we have the mainstream media. Journalism that is no longer “journalism” but more like some kind of  undead beast that should probably be mercifully put out of it’s misery. Satire is dead. Irony has fainted. It’s probably best to just assume if their lips are moving, they are lying.

A couple of my favorites from this week, “27 Police Officers Injured During Peaceful Protest.” We really don’t know what happened, they must have all tripped. Self inflicted injuries, perhaps? Obviously no violence occurred since it was a “peaceful protest.” Reminds me a bit of kids, “But Dad, it’s not my fault, he just went and hurt his own self for no reason! And he just did it to make me look bad!”

I always liked that story,  except your brother was not nearly smart enough to engage in that kind of sociopathic manipulation. Your sister perhaps, your brother, NO. He couldn’t orchestrate an escape from a wet paper bag.

The next headline is, “Seattle Protesters Visit City Hall, Calling for Mayor to Resign.” This made me laugh, mostly because Mayor Jenny Durkan loves lawlessness, supports the protests,  and has given them everything they could possibly want. Well, now they want you to resign! I’m good with that, I think we should comply immediately. Amusing, because a big problem with people like Jenny, they think they are great rebels, college kids fighting oppression. They don’t seem to realize that they are now,  “The Man.” The Great Oppressor.  It’s good to know these things before you wave your fist in the air and chant, “down with the man.” Just saying.

person holding a mug

But what really rumpled my stiltskins,  it’s  11:00 on a Tuesday night! City Hall is closed, the building is locked down. They aren’t “visiting,” like we made an appointment and are now having tea to discuss the mayor’s resignation. They broke into the building, likely aided and abetted by some sympathetic City Council member, who also doesn’t seem to realize it’s actually your head they want on a platter.