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elmoSo apparently somebody in the media posted some Rules for Radicals,  specifically the Weather Underground’s old “To Do List.” After you destroy capitalism and exploit racism, you eventually get to, “attack and dethrone God.” It’s an odd phrase and many people are completely unaware of what the agenda is going on behind some of their favorite teeshirts and slogans.

So this, “attack and dethrone God” idea triggered tens of thousands of tweets ranging from confusion, denial, approval, to humor. Of course lots of mockery, hostility, and derision too, because we’re like, people, and it’s what we do.

Something I found interesting, many people noted that “attack and dethrone God” was the plot line of every movie, book, anime, video game, they had encountered in the past few decades. Not attack and dethrone Jesus specifically of course, but any other god who might be in the story. I was quite encouraged by a few tweets suggesting it felt like they had spent a lifetime being conditioned to desire to, “attack and dethrone God.” Bingo! Pavlov’s dog has been bathing in it for so long, he now has some really shiny hair.

Somebody give that one a Scooby snack.

People have been desensitized, conditioned, and our hearts hardened. Such an idea has been normalized. Like, almost nobody is saying, Hey wait a minute, God is so good, so beautiful, and He loves us dearly, so I really don’t want him attacked! In fact, He doesn’t even need my protection, but my heart at least wants to gather around His throne and protect Him. Yeah, almost nobody was saying that because we really have been desensitized to the very notion.

There were some interesting and humorous tweets about, “okay, so how do you even do that?”  Do you just throw a black hole at Him? God is huge, all powerful, the maker of heaven and earth. He made the galaxies and hung the stars in the sky.  Also, in Him we have our breath and being. So we are tied to Him, our very lives are connected to His lifeline. You lob a black hole at God, your next problem is trying to figure out how to survive without His breath in your body for more then two minutes.

It’s actually a really good question. Besides making us more keenly aware of the infinite and vast power of God,  it should eventually lead us to the truth. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.”

The only way to hurt God is to fail to thrive and prosper, to fail to be your best, to fail to love one another, to fail to love Him. To perpetually make really bad choices, to engage in self harm, to reject what is good.  You can’t hurt God, but you can hurt His child, yourself, and that hurts God. How do you honor your own parents? Prosper, thrive, and be your best. Same with God, we honor Him when we prosper, thrive, and love one another.

My big issue is always, have we thought about what might replace Him? Power hates a vacuum! All in good humor here, but before we dethrone God, we might want to spare a moment pondering what might rush in to fill the void left in is place? I mean, call me crazy, but we should at least make some plans in that area.


That truth, that load bearing wall that won’t budge, plays itself out in our individual lives, too. When we attack and try to dethrone God, no matter how silly, how futile our efforts, something much worse always comes in to fill that spot where only He belongs. And almost always, whatever we have put on the throne in His place is going to be something that hurts us and hurts those around us.