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Do you know what killed George Floyd? Meth and fentanyl. Sometimes it’s cocaine and heroin.  He probably used them all. The poor man had a criminal record, including breaking in and robbing and terrorizing a pregnant woman, and also high blood pressure and SEVERE heart disease, and he was high at the time of his death. He was an addict! Active addiction always ends at the hospital, prison, or the morgue.

Every. Single. Time. Addiction does not discriminate and it has no mercy.

George Floyd was made in the image of God, he had tremendous worth and value to Jesus and it’s really sad that his life ended the way it did, but to martyr George Floyd as an upstanding member of the black community, as a complete innocent is, well, really racist. The guy was an addict and an ex con who darn near blew his own heart out doing meth amphetamines.

I’ve loved a lot of people doing that very same thing and I love them too much to lie about what really killed them. A white kid from my neck of the woods was actually killed by the Seattle cops not long ago. We can blame the cops, we can blame the knife he was brandishing in front of them, or we can speak the truth.

His addiction got him killed.

People on heroin and meth aren’t thinking clearly, they can be really violent, and they are scary to confront. I have no love for aggressive behavior from cops, but I get it. People I love have certainly attacked me in the throes of their addiction and put my life in danger. Not too long ago an elderly couple was robbed, murdered, and set on fire by some people in active addiction. Addicts can be really scary to deal with.

Boy, if the black community and the white community ever came together on this one point, we could really give the Powers That Be a good scare and maybe enact some real change…...for a change. I long for that day.

You know, I’m a little bit afraid to talk about such things, because besides the mass hysteria, mob mentality, and toxic politics, there are people in power who reap a huge benefit from making sure the truth of my words are never heard. Did you know drugs never come into a community without permission from the gatekeepers? It took me a long time to understand and accept that truth, but drugs are deliberately introduced into a community, not unlike smallpox blankets where once given to Native Americans by our government. It’s really easy too, basic economics, you simply create the need and then you supply the demand.

In my lifetime, I watched crack cocaine introduced into the mostly black urban community, and I watched meth and heroin roll up the West coast and mostly hit white rural areas. It’s all over the Midwest, too. Does anybody know the history of the British opium wars? Drugs are really a biological weapon, an act of terrorism, a useful pandemic, and highly profitable, too.

People get rich and powerful, all up and down the drug pipeline, but not the addicts. Not their families. Families just get destroyed. The addicts just get dead. My heart  breaks for all the moms who have lost children to addiction.

Nobody ever wants to talk about it. In fact, we won’t even name it for what it is. Our issues are all about “the homeless,” “racism,” and “people with mental health challenges.” I’ve watched all my local bleeding hearts invite this problem right into our tiny community for years, and I’ve watched it spread, and I’ve watched so many people die.

When we love people sacrificially, the way Jesus teaches us to love people, we speak the truth about who they are and the truth about what afflicts them. A whole lot of people don’t actually love black folks, they just love that label, “not racist,” and the social status and political power that goes along with it.