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animal blur close up cute

This cute little story has cheered me up immensely so I’d thought I’d share it, “One Man’s Mission to Build a Magical Mouse Village”

I am all about trying to engage with our environment in a positive way, and creatively too, with as much whimsy as you can muster. The little mouse village is a delightful example.

There is something quite appealing to me about working cooperatively with what you’ve been given, rather than fighting against it, attempting to exterminate it, or resisting it. Yes, this really is a passive subtext, a metaphor for more profound things. Also, this is a biology blog, after a fashion anyway. Perhaps we shall call it, man’s never ending cultural struggle against biology, to our detriment.

white and purple floral ceramic mug on saucer

In spiritual matters, in physical health matters, in just about every area of life, one of my favorite ninja tricks is surrender, submission. It’s not very glamorous. It doesn’t feel so glorious. I would much prefer to pick up a sword and just simply lop off a few ears. Cut it out, cast it out, destroy it. However, sometimes the fastest path to victory is to just surrender all and work with what you’ve been given.

I’m not quite sure what “victory” looks like, but I’m pretty sure it resembles this little mouse village.