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Kind of fun, right before we went into this quarantine I got to be part of a Bible study on rest. And then, boom! As soon as it was over, you’re now on a mandated and extended sabbath. It’s like, I had just trained for this! Total coincidence I’m sure.

We probably don’t talk about rest nearly as much as we should. It is the central, core, root, foundation, the load bearing wall of our faith. If you’ve ever done any construction or remodeling, you really do not want to mess around with a load bearing wall. It bears the load, it holds the whole structure up.

Our pastor once gave a lovely talk about the 23 psalm, specifically,  He maketh me lay down in green pastures. “Maketh,”it means makes me. It’s not optional. I have certainly felt that truth in my life! I had a spiritual experience one year dashing about right before Christmas, trying to get a million things done and totally ignoring the Lord. I somehow managed to clothesline myself on an electrical cord and do a swan dive off the deck, landing in two perfect ankle breaking holes the dog had just dug. What made it so supernatural, it all happened in slow motion, time was just suspended, everything just lined up, and there was almost no pain at all. I couldn’t walk, my ankles were all kind of ugly, but they really didn’t hurt. I HAD to rest for several weeks, but more importantly I had to let go of all these things I had thought were so important. I went from being a Martha dashing about distressed, to a Mary resting at His feet.

That experience really saved me, that was some productive growth and some wonderful training for some things to come in my life where rest is the only way to survive, where rest becomes that load bearing wall that holds your whole structure up.

So this is kind of an odd and amusing juxtaposition, and interesting blogging round up on “Rest,” but recently Mel Wild wrote a great post on how, Everything Starts from Rest.  All his posts are good, they really resonate with me, so check him out. Next we have Aldtric Johnson who also writes some really good stuff that resonates and often makes me laugh, too. He wrote, “NOTICE HOW MUCH IT PISSES GOD OFF WHEN WE REFUSE TO REST…” I really liked that post because something we don’t really like to talk about, one of the biggest sins in the old testament is, you didn’t rest. We often prefer our drama, to speak of our more edgy issues, like sexual sin, intrigue, and murder. But what’s our foundational problem, what gets us into the most trouble with God?  We refuse to rest.

Those are posts with very different flavors, but the same idea, the same truth lies beneath them, one I am 100% behind. Jesus in the boat before the storm, rested. Rest in His peace while you are still alive. Rest in the finished work of the cross. Dealing with something really challenging? Go to the Lord and rest.


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