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commonI’m a big fan of common sense so I feel somewhat obliged to affirm and defend this rapidly declining, endangered species among us humans.

So obviously I fully accept that this virus is brand new and just popped up out of nowhere in a wet market in China when somebody decided to eat some bat sushi.

Clearly this virus mutated and jumped species quite rapidly, bypassing 800 or so years of evolution. Microwave ovens speed up cooking so you know, probably sunspots speed up evolution or something.

I’m totally convinced cloth masks provide plenty of protection against microscopic viruses, which is why we’re now all being encouraged to wear them. The science of infection control has also evolved quite rapidly, the past 75 years of research going right out the window in a matter of weeks.

Observable science, facts,ย  and objective reality always align themselves right down political lines,ย  so that’s always reassuring, too.

I’m totally at peace with the fact that the pharmaceutical company bringing us the latest cure shares the same name as The Republic of Gilead.

I have no issues with naming our pharmekeia du jour after dystopian science fiction about totalitarian regimes.

I fully understand why I can go to the grocery store, Wal Mart, the pot store, the bike shop, the vape store, and work, and trust that I will be well protected from this virus. Visiting a small business or a church however, could be downright deadly.

I have absolutely no issues with the Bill Gates 20/20 quantum-dot-vaccine injections utilizing Luciferase. Like, literally you scan it with a smart phone and it lights up, so of course it would be named after a “light bringer.”

It’s slightly inconvenient and mildly annoying to not be able to go to church, but like many Christians, I’m just patiently waiting to get my little Lucifer-ease dots certifying my immunity so I can get back to engaging in commerce…

It’s just common sense.