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US-POLITICS-HEALTHCARE-PROTESTSeriously, sometimes I feel as if I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole and gotten myself trapped in a perpetual loop, forced to live in a really bad rerun of some cheesy dystopian science fiction novel. Heck, half the time everything  is so surreal it’s gotten challenging just trying to tell the difference between satire and reality.

This IS reality, however!  I am not joking here at all.  I am simply observing. Just a few short months ago we were being subjected to protests, slammed by the women in red, shouting, “keep your laws off my body!” And “your right’s end where mine begin.”  Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid’s tale and the Republic of Gilead.

I did read it! 3 or four times. It’s an interesting tale. I’m fascinated by how it so often leads people to turn left. It convinced me to take a hard right. I saw the end result of progressive policies all over that novel and wanted to run as fast as possible in the other direction…

The ladies in red are so yesterday,  however. Such old news! Like that totally went out of style weeks ago. Today it’s more like, you’d better obey the law, it’s not really your body!  If you get people sick, their blood will be on your hands! How can you even live with yourself?

Why do you want to kill people?? It’s not about you! Human lives are on the line here!

red2Wait, wut?! Slow down, at least use the clutch before you throw it in reverse….

Have no fear, however! We now have the cure. The soon to be mandated cure. Cheerfully brought to you by the Republic of Gilead. Yep, that very same Gilead! Big Biotech, Gilead Sciences aided by Dr. Fauci and some FDA waivers has shown great promise……