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“If you want the peace that surpasses understanding you have to give up the right to understand.” – Bill Johnson

Woah, did he nail it. This is so good. Mind blown!  Laughing here, but it’s not so easy to blow my mind, so hat tip to Bill Johnson. Naturally the moment I heard this one sentence I had to run it through my truth detector a few hundred times, weigh it against the Bible, and measure it against experience.

Yep, it’s pretty solid. I’ve applied it to several small things in my life with great success. I really have a need to understand. I have a compulsion to understand things, but some of my favorite Bible verses, lean not into your own understanding, come up all the time. The Lord is always telling me, there’s a time to understand things and there’s a time to just go with the flow, to be at peace with not understanding what’s happening.

My desire to be informed is always at war with my desire for peace. Take the news for instance. I’m very close to being on a complete news fast and have been for several years now. Also, an advertising fast. Now, it’s not an absolute fast because I still do some research and I live in the world.  But I realized several years ago that mediated reality was actually mediating my reality in harmful ways. I had to cut it out of my life.

We can get very numbed out to all that, our hearts can grow hard. Its not unlike movies, music,  entertainment. It influences you, it brainwashes you, it shapes your emotions, thoughts, and actions, without you even being aware it is happening.

Anyway, I’m a huge fan of rights, but the Lord operates a bit differently.  Like, surrender your right to justice and I will give you my grace. Like, surrender your right to understand, and I will give you my peace. It’s quite a delightful dance, I assure you. What the Lord offers in exchange, is always a bazillion times better than my rights.

Not so true when it comes to earthly governments made up of men! I’m kind of a pit bull about such things. When you are willing to lay down your very life for me in an act of sacrificial love, we’ll talk about your unlimited  authority. Until that day, your authority is limited. You serve at the consent of the governed.

Sadly, the governed are often all too happy to just sign their rights (and mine) away but I digress. That’s a whole other subject.

We are now facing this global pandemic, this massive political power grab, this conspiracy theorist’s dream,  and there is often this powerful need to try to understand what the heck is really going on. That’s not “bad,”  there’s certainly a place for all that, I’m just saying to really be at peace, to rest in His presence, we need to let go of our right to understand. It’s kind of a paradox too, because when we are really resting in Him, when we are filled with His peace that surpasses understanding, we tend to be much more effective at understanding what’s going on and letting the Lord lead us through our problems.

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Photo by Jonathan Meyer on Pexels.com