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So like, I’ve just gone complete millennial here and, I just can’t even. Like, wutever dude. Talk to the hand.

We have just wandered so far beyond the realm of so called “Science,” registered trademark, that I just can’t even! No, you do not lock down healthy people in a  quarantine. Like no, not ever. NEVER! It’s never been done in the history of the world because it’s really stupid, counterproductive, and is likely to make us all really sick.

I grew up in complete isolation, did not go to school. You know what happened when I finally went out into the world and my weak, inexperienced, and stunted immune system, suddenly started encountering germs?? I got really sick! I was like someone who had camped out in front of the fridge, suddenly forced to  try to run a marathon.

We actually need one another, we need community on a biological and chemical level! We need to exchange germs and virus in order to exercise our immune systems or else they really get weak and flabby. Locking ourselves down and using hand sanitizers, wipes, attempting to sanitize our whole environment, while avoiding one another is actually really dangerous.

Germs are busy getting stronger, we’re busy getting weaker. We know this! This is well established science. Overprescribed antibiotics, antibacterial soaps, have all served to create superbugs, while at the same time we’ve been making people’s immune systems weaker.

I can’t even because this is well established factual science and it runs contrary to Western medicine. I’m serious, science often runs contrary to Western medicine! Western medicine is an institution, a conglomerate, a system, a political entity. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of doctors are scratching their heads right now, vaguely remembering their  biology and immunology 101, and beginning to ask themselves wait, what is wrong with this whole quarantine picture?

I hope.

I’m deadly serious about this!  I am so certain of it, I’m out digging in the dirt and hugging on anybody who will let me, as if my very life depended on it, because it actually does. It is one thing to stay away from those who are sick. It is actually a threat to our health to avoid those who are well.