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I should prefer to live and long and prosperous life, well into triple digits and still of sound mind, at which point the Lord will eventually send a chariot down for me.  A purple one. I have made my petitions and requests respectfully known to Him.

That said, our days are not promised. The Lord knows everything about us, including the days of our lives. I am absolutely convinced nobody lives, or dies, outside of the Father’s care.

So, about all this death-shaming and fear-mongering. Concerned about the economy? WHY DO YOU HATE PEOPLE AND WANT THEM TO DIE?! I know you did not just hug somebody….ARE YOU INSANE? WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE HERE! Not wearing a mask? OMG, WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL GRANDMA?!

That’s me! I’m Grandma, and I’m telling you flat out, I’d rather die of this virus than suffer one more moment of other people’s anxiety, virtue signaling, and death shaming. Yeah, physical death doesn’t concern me nearly as much as spiritual death does.  I am really perched on the brink here too, driven to the edge, about to go on a suicidal hugging mission. Actually I kind of have been already.

That’s right, I’m hugging anybody who will let me. Totally subversive hugging. Arrest me. Write letter to the Governor, Karen. I don’t care! It turns out some things are more important than the illusion of safety and the theater of the absurd.

The only way I know of to fight these kind of battles is through repentance and forgiveness. So I’m just going to slip this in here. Anyone noble enough to be concerned, fearful, ashamed of possibly passing along this virus to me, you are forgiven. You are released. You are not “bad.” You are not trying to kill people. You are not selfish. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

I have endured the mumps, the measles, flu, mono, chicken pox while 8 mos pregnant, nearly died of tonsilitis twice,  and was hospitalized for salmonila. I could go on and on but it’s boring.  A bit funny, but you know what kind of infectious things have been the most challenging and fear inspiring? The least deadly things! Head lice. Bed bug. Scabies. Body lice. Even Impetigo. I have been heavily exposed to those bugs and survived. 

I fully rebuke the entire concept of individual, weaponized germ warfare. That is the idea that people deliberately get you sick and share their germs out of mean-spiritedness. I fully rebuke all such notions. If you forgot to cough in your elbow, it was not a deliberate attempt to get people sick. You are fully forgiven, dearly loved, and redeemed.

I am signing a spiritual release form here. I am pre-emptively forgiving and releasing anyone who gets me sick, releasing them from all spiritual and emotional harm, from all shame, from all false accusations of hating people and wanting them to die. Those are lies, deceptions, and I rebuke them all.

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If you are afraid of getting sick, if you are immune compromised, or if you have not made your peace with the Lord, than you need to stay home. You need to quarantine and keep your distance from others. What is not acceptable is GOING OUT IN PUBLIC and demanding everyone else surrender their liberty in order to accommodate your anxiety.

I can do anything, especially with the Lord, but I simply cannot morally and ethically condone, enable, and accommodate toxic behavior.