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This is a biology blog and all so I think we really should address this epic fail to protect and defend this woman’s rights.

“British woman’s attraction to chandeliers ruled not to be a protected sexual orientation.”

Also, I can totally relate! I think that makes me a complete perv. This woman is my soul mate. I can’t tell you how many times I have fondled all those delicate crystals….

In fact, my hubby actually just restored a beautiful parlor lamp for me. He knows all about my predilection. A hand painted globe or some delicate embroidery on a shade and it’s all over but the crying.

This cracked me up too,ย  “Liberty had previously been in love with the Statue of Liberty, prompting her to change her last name from Whittaker to Liberty.”

Amen! You go girl! A woman after my own heart. She sued a newspaper, borrowed her name from the Statue of Liberty, and fell madly in love with a beautiful lamp. This is the most fabulous and amazing thing I’ve read in months. This woman is my new hero.

I need a punch line or a moral to this story, but I really haven’t got one. Embrace the crazy and love your antique lamps, people.


brown chandelier hanging at the center of room

Photo by Jensen V on Pexels.com