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“From a Christian perspective, the word “witchcraft” in the Bible actually comes from the word pharmakeia, pharma, where we get the term “pharmaceuticals.” In ancient Biblical times, it wasn’t female witches and their healing potions that alarmed people, but rather very powerful men, sorcerers employed by the King to ensure his power through any means available, often involving the use of drugs. You can ensure someone’s compliance, manipulate court intrigue, all sorts of diabolical things by slipping people a potion. People feared being manipulated and controlled by the sorcerers. 

“It’s an interesting biblical truth to discover in light of modern times with our huge pharmaceutical industry, our manipulative politics, and technology and TV’s new and inventive ways to brainwash us.” -A coven of witches…2014

I rather prophetically wrote that six years ago. It’s part of a post from a long and complicated weaving tale with many rabbit holes, but basically I was deeply concerned about what I called a perfect confluence, an unholy alliance forming between the pharmaceutical industry and social engineering. I’d been observing people watching pharmaceutical adds on TV and being brainwashed into suddenly suffering from the advertised affliction and needing the advertised drug solution.

There’s quite a bit money to be made in that. In fact, that’s how we all got hooked on toothpaste. A guy set out to convince us we all had dirty teeth and our very health itself depended on his invention.  That kind of sums up the nature of the problem.

In came Obamacare, this wealth of poor and uninformed people suddenly now insured, and an overwhelmed healthcare system trying to meet all their needs, with quick and easy drugs. I was so concerned that opioids were going to be prescribed for every little thing and a rash of addiction was going to sweep across this country like a tsunami….

That’s exactly what happened.

The CDC now even speaks of the “3 waves of the epidemic.” You can go read more on that if you want, but for my purposes, “From 1999–2018, almost 450,000 people died from an overdose involving any opioid, including prescription and illicit opioids.”

450,000 people! Read that number again and then think about the fact that in my state we’ve now lost 342 people to covid 19. Heck, 250,000 a year at minimum, die from medical malpractice and negligence.

All life has value tremendous value and I’m really grateful we’ve only lost 342 people to this virus so far. Just the same, we’ve totally shut down our economy and devastated a number of lives in far reaching ways we haven’t even begun to see over a “pandemic” that doesn’t even rate in the grand scheme of potential threats and scary death tolls.

We people have really built an idol to Western medicine, especially pharmaceutical medicine, and we’ve elevated it to an unhealthy level and handed it power over us it just does not deserve. We’ve been on a  collision coarse for decades, just waiting for these three points of power to come together. Social engineering, the pharmaceutical industry, and politics.

If this were a video game, I’d declare mission accomplished. This was now the end game and we have all reached the final boss.

We are now facing this worldwide pandemic of Biblical proportions, but it isn’t Biblical at all, except in the sense of being a totally man-made pharmakeia, and one that is absolutely maddening to bear witness to.

So anyone out there who still has two brain cells left to rub together observing that nothing really seems to be adding up as it should, you are not alone, and you are not crazy. Or at least if you are crazy, you’re in good company. Pull up a chair,  have some virtual tea, and we’ll try to solve all the world’s problems.

Or we can just sip tea and watch the world go by…….


Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com