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God is sovereign….“and we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

I don’t write too much about God’s sovereignty because it’s a loaded subject and can be so easily misconstrued. It’s one of those things that I believe is a bit personal and  subjective, as in the answers must be, “received by the heart because the brain is just too small to understand.” I think that’s a loose quote from Bill Johnson.

My grandmother, my lifeline in the world, was murdered when I was a child. I had lots of questions like, “why does God allow evil?” That question however was too big, too emotionally detached, and too impersonal. Beneath that simple question was dozens of far more angry and accusatory ones like, What kind of a God are you? Do you make it habit of abandoning children and stealing the people they love?

What are your intentions towards me?

Those weren’t very nice questions but they where real enough and they kind of sum up my struggles with the whole idea that God is sovereign.  It turns out that, “why does God allow evil” wasn’t my question at all, my real question was more along the lines of, So just what exactly, IS your nature?

There have been quite a few things flying around on social media that drive me a bit nuts like, “God is punishing us” or “God sent this virus so we would repent.” If you think about it, it’s a really terrible portrayal of God.  This is just God being perceived as some kind of  caricature of Al Capone, like a mobster saying, you better do what I want or I just start killing off people….


Mel Wild wrote a lovely post called, How we see God’s Sovereignty Matters, and I think his very first sentence really sums it up, “What you believe about God matters.”

Spoiler alert here, but if you read the book it clearly states that God is love. This is kind of key, a foundational piece that really does matter. God does not act in a way that is ever going to be contrary to His nature. It can be hard for us to understand things sometimes, all the whys and wherefores, but we can be certain that God’s nature is unchanging. God is good, always. Sometimes the best we can manage is more like a,  I really don’t get any of this, but I trust that God will reveal the pearls hidden in my cesspool because I know His nature.

God is good, always.

People have been trying to understand contemporary world events through a Biblical lens since forever and I think there is even some value to that, to predictions and prophecy, but there are also a lot of hairbrained, outlandish, plain bits of crazy, that clearly demonstrate some people have little or no understanding of God’s sovereignty and no awareness whatsoever as to His nature.

I was scrolling through several of these the other day muting and dumping them like one might dump fake news, chucking out bits of mediated reality,  lies really, when this guy named Dustin sent one through Twitter. It said, “If this is a judgment, it’s because Beth Moore was told to “go home” and God was like “if Beth is home, EVERYONE IS HOME.”

Bahahahaha! Now that one got my attention. Very funny! Yeah, repent ya’ll. “Touch not God’s anointed,” least you all suffer a similar fate. I think we have found our answer!

Keep your sense of humor folks, that is our answer.

God eventually answered all my accusations,  my questions about my grandma, and He healed my hurt, healed my fears of abandonment, healed my doubts about His goodness. Over and over and over again as I struggled to understand His sovereignty, He revealed to me bits and pieces about His nature, and in the process my own.

As to the SBC, the attacks on Beth Moore, the “Christian” ugliness that inhabited Twitter for months, well, it seems like you’re all grounded now and everything is canceled! Just saying, God is sovereign and He always gets the last laugh.


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