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I totally snagged the link to this little video from “Lloyd the Legalist” on Twitter. Hat tip to that guy who often keeps me laughing.

This video just cracked me up, appealed to my gallows humor. One of the secrets to life is to get yourself some good background music. I’m telling you, it will totally change the mood of whatever you are going through.  The other night at work we were sanitizing everything and, “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” from AC/DC came on the radio. Trust me, good background music sets the mood and makes life a lot more fun, a lot more beautiful.

The other day I walked into the grocery store trying not to laugh. Why? I had the theme song to the Pink Panther stuck in my head like an ear worm. Seems like every time I tried to walk I was walking in rhythm with that song. It was an amusing distraction.

Anyway, the theme of “trusting in the Lord” has come up a few times and some people are actually offended by that. Like, it doesn’t really help to hear that Jesus juke from happy people when you are all in a dither and life is really scary. I need to address this on account of the fact that I am the absolute ninja master of all pathetic trust issues. I used to be totally risk adverse, worried, anxious about everything, snakes, bugs, flying, car crashes, brain tumors, germs…..

God is steadfast, merciful, Holy, good, faithful, and so trustworthy. There is no doubt that He is trustworthy! The problem is on our end. We can really struggle with trust, with letting go of control and having faith. We can be fearful. We can have issues. It’s much harder when many of your human examples that were supposed to teach you about  “trust” have failed you, betrayed you, or tricked you. When that happens, knowing what “trust” even looks like is hard.

I had a great revelation about trust once when the Lord eventually told me, I don’t “need” your trust. You don’t “owe” me. It’s not “required” at all. Now of course, either way we’re going off the side of this mountain and you’ll be a lot more comfortable if you trust me……

Trust is totally about our own comfort level. God wants us to trust in Him because that way we don’t have to get mired down in fear, worry, anxiety, panic, and distress. He’s a good God, He cares about our comfort. Also, worry doesn’t add one day to our life. It says that in the Bible, it is very true, but most of us struggle to actually live it out well.

So anyway, enjoy this video. It’s a pretty good representation of my life. I don’t scream quite that much, mostly because I’m lazy and it takes too much energy. Also, I’ve since really learned how to step into the shadow of the Almighty and trust that, “it is well with my soul,” as the song goes. When you can do that, you tend to have a lot more of those romantic, flowing dress scenes, filled with grace and good background music, and less of those panicked hissy fits full of screaming.