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I really loved this tale from Mitch Teemley, “Caterpillars Don’t Become Butterflies!” You should read it, it’s entertaining and carries the sweet fragrance of our faith.

Also, see, there’s this thing called biology…..

I really enjoy hanging out with people who have been total bug juice. Liquified insects. Been splattered on the windshield so hard, they had to be scraped up with a spatula and put back together.

I am laughing here, a more elegant way of saying that is, grape-people who have been thrown in the wine press.

Or perhaps, fine herbs crushed in a mortar and pestle to get the fragrant oil out?

Clay that has been placed in His hands and allowed itself to be molded and shaped by the Great Potter.

Caterpillar Juice.

If anyone ever says, “you don’t act like a Christian,” tell them God doesn’t need anymore actors. He needs bug juice. That’s where all His butterflies come from.


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Photo by ARUNODHAI VINOD on Pexels.com