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I thought this post was adorable and right on, Kathryne’s, “Married to God but not a Nun!” 

Life hack here, but whether we are single, married, divorced, widowed, always put Jesus first in your life. He just makes everything in our lives, so much better. Our relationship status doesn’t define us, our relationship with Jesus defines us. Also, He can meet our deepest needs in ways people never really can.

As Kathryne said, I have also discovered that He fills many relationship roles in our lives, that there are different seasons of discovering who God is. He’s a  good, good Father. He’s a Shepherd. He sticks closer than a Brother. He’s a Great Physician. Healer. Comforter. Friend. Husband.

I’m currently really getting to know the Lord as Judge, not as in judgement like in criminal court, but as judge in the old Hebrew context, judge as the persistent widow went seeking a judge to help her out. Lord, I have suffered an injustice, right these wrongs for me. Repair what has been stolen. Replace what has been lost ten fold over, as you do, as you did for Job. It’s working out too, it’s very mysterious, very supernatural.

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But it’s Valentine’s Day, so I want to speak of Jesus as husband! I began dreaming of Jesus as husband while I was still very young. It made perfect sense to me. People used to tease me as in, she’s obviously married to the Lord. Obviously! Wow, I never received that as a compliment. My bad, but sometimes you get that eye roll, that mocking, that “we know she’s a Christian,” and the hurt, the rejection can blind you to the compliment, the praise.

It’s kind of like that quote about the author who hears, “your book was terrible!” And the author gets stars in his eyes and says, “So you really read my book?” Right? Perception is everything. But you read it, didn’t you? You know who I am….

Anyway, I saw Jesus as husband, and once pondered becoming a nun. I was not Catholic however, which is a huge stumbling block for nun work! However, the idea really appealed to me. I actually have some wonderful experiences with nuns. There’s a dreadful stereotype, many people have been abused by them, but in my own life, I have been really blessed by some positive encounters. The nuns I have encountered were kind of strong, kind of edgy, kind of willing to stand up for what was right, even when no one else would.

I hope I don’t offend anyone with my concept of Jesus as Sweetheart, but it’s the truth. We often have coffee together in the morning. We listen to music, all our favorite songs. We take long walks on the beach. Sometimes we watch the sunset, the full moon reflected on the water. We hold hands and gaze at the stars. I am in a season of rest, of just receiving the goodness of God, just taking it all in, admiring His creation, His romance.

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Did you know that creation is very romantic? That He is very romantic? It’s true. I have stars in my eyes, I have been blindsided by love. It’s an aspect of God I never really understood, never met until fairly recently. Never even saw it coming. Needless to say, it’s a glorious experience and I highly recommend it.

So let me put in a good word for St Valentine. He’s taken quite a beating on social media lately, a saint cloaked in a great deal of mystery and pretty much blamed for everything. We really don’t know a whole lot about him, except he is thought to be the saint of courtly love and epilepsy.

Yes, epilepsy. An odd juxtaposition indeed, but it makes a certain kind of sense. One of my favorites, Chaucer, actually brought Saint Valentine to life, into the public awareness.

Just a side note, I adore Chaucer, met him in 11th grade, the usual way, as in, Do Not Read, it’s absolutely forbidden, terrible man, very risque. I live in an area where the classics are not always appreciated, they often fail the politically correct test. Needless to say I have consumed them all, like a half starved emotional eater, under great duress…..

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!