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I thought this was really well done, “No, no, women must not help, rather let the people drown!” Click to read it, it’s brief and to the point. She is absolutely right, too. When I look at history, including the history of the early church, I’m surprised by how false this dominant narrative is that tries to act as if women have just arrived on the scene in the church and now all this alleged female progress is sending us to hell in handbasket.

That’s a total lie.

For those blessed not to know, it can be absolutely brutal to try to share your faith while female. Brutal. Death threats. Hate mail. Porn. Endlessly. There are several pastors, especially some of the Reformed and Southern Baptist variety, who are opposed to woman pastoring and whether they realize it or not, their angry words and advocacy disguised as “standing up for Biblical values,” simply empowers every nut job out there looking for an excuse to vent and a target for their rage.

It’s not just men either, there are many women who will also just relentlessly attack and try to lay waste to anything you say. They call you a Jezebel, a feminist, a heretic, they claim to be discernment ministries,  often completely unable to discern the irony in the fact that they are indeed, women teaching and preaching, that women shouldn’t be teaching and preaching.

It can be really rough. I’m tough and I’ve thrown in the towel more than a few times. This is my third blog. I’ve been around addicts, pornographers, felons, rather cheerfully, but the venom coming from people calling themselves “Christians” has almost crushed me several times. The world is a dark place already, many people aren’t really open to hearing about the goodness of Jesus, and when you add the church to your list of people who hate you, it can be really painful.

That’s nothing, that’s from just having a tiny blogging platform or writing a book. My heart goes out to those women who have a bigger platform, or (gasp!) are actually pastoring churches. I can’t imagine the grief they go through. Well, actually I don’t have to imagine it, I’ve witnessed it. Social media, twitter and facebook, are forever coordinating some pretty nasty attacks on women like Beth Moore and others. Anne Graham Lotz was once invited to speak to 8oo church leaders, invited mind you, but many of them turned their chairs around in protest and refused to listen.

Neither of these woman ever expressed any interest in being ordained or becoming pastors, but that doesn’t seem to protect you from the backlash. I too once had no interest in women becoming pastors and no desire to get on that particular bandwagon. I really just wanted to talk to people about Jesus. Still do.

Pastor Doug Wilson just gave a speech on the alleged, “Biblical Virtues of Sexism.” I’d like to name my complete change of heart after him, to make sure it is known far and wide that it is in his honor that I now I fully support ordaining women. At some point while watching all these self ordained, denominationally independent, jerks for Jesus, defend the rights of  pedophiles,  but not  womens’ basic dignity,  well,  I broke.

I’m quite certain I’m a nobody, but I’m a nobody who loves Jesus with 621,834 views, heading for a million. People are drowning, and as Laura wrote, it’s all hands on deck.


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