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Hey now, a friend posted a link to this on facebook and I thought it was pretty cool, so check it out, “Forfeited – God’s Unclaimed Promises and Power”

I too am on a journey to claim the promises of God, to let no gift of His go unwrapped. I’m not very good at it, mostly because I have still have some trust issues. The Lord once told me, “that’s okay, trust is for your own comfort, not mine.”

Ha! That one makes me just laugh! It’s one of those unbidden truths that you just know did not originate in your own mind. Also, the moment I heard it, I lost all guilt, fear, shame, over having trust issues. My trust issues just don’t have the power to hurt or offend God. He is totally trustworthy, I am the one who is sometimes afraid to step out of the boat.

Actually dry land. Ha! Sometimes I have trouble trusting the Lord and stepping out onto dry land…….

Anyway, it makes me a bit sad, for many years I reduced the promises of God to, you will be saved. That’s it! In churches, where we actually sang things like, “standing, standing, standing on the promises of God,” I often heard,  “He’ll never give you more than you can handle.” That’s two promises of God, the only two I ever knew about for the longest time! Also, they are like, the only two that totally did not apply to my present life circumstances

I’m chuckling here, because I remember thinking,  but I have wayyyy more than I can handle and I know nothing of these alleged promises we are supposedly standing in?! What’s with that??! So, God often gives us more than we can handle. Sometimes I think that’s the whole point. If we could do it all ourselves, we really wouldn’t need Him.

There are numerous real promises in the Bible and today I am frequently standing in several. One I think we can all benefit from is a promise within the tale of the Prodigal Son.

 “Prodigal” is an amazing word and hardly anyone knows what it means! It’s not an errant child or a reckless person, it is from the Latin “prodigus” which means ‘ to lavish’. So, sumptuously rich, elaborate, or luxurious, to bestow in generous or extravagant quantities. You can put a, “prodigal of heavy cream” in fettucine and you really should, absolutely, but I never really understood the reference in cooking at all. What in the heck is a, “prodigal of cream?”

It’s a heavy dose, an excessive dollop, a heaping helping.

When Jesus speaks of the “prodigal” He is talking about someone lavishly blessed, the inheritor of kingdom, someone who has received generous or extravagant quantities.  God’s not giving us “our fair share” or a miserly portion, He is lavishing us with generous gifts. We are all prodigals, lavishly blessed, the inheritors of a kingdom, the recipients of extravagant quantities of goodness.

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That’s a very simple promise but it can be deceptively elusive to get ahold of. The world tends to operate on scarcity, not lavish abundance as the Lord does. Also, as I was writing this I could easily imagine half a dozen Puritans coming after me with torches and pitchforks, quickly followed by 3 or four guilt mongers with tar and feathers who falsely believe “lavish” means shamefully excessive.

Just dump a prodigal of cream on them. They don’t know what they’re talking about.