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back view photo of woman swinging

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

One of my favorite objections, accusations, and attacks on the internet is,  “you’re a brainwashed lemming who follows authoritarian systems.” And by “favorite” I mean,  totally worthy of a good snarkilicous eye roll.

Logically, rationally, I need to respond to this accusation with some reason. Do I follow authoritarian systems? Well, that depends. Just who is in authority and what is the system? I’m rather fond of fireman and libraries. It is exceedingly cool when people actually follow the rules of the road so we all get where we’re going safely….

I actually don’t like just freefalling through the universe with no structure or system in place in which to organize the mess of our lives and our rather pathetic attempts to try and live in community. Like, I think marriage is healthy for us and for most of us, gender is actually fixed solidly even before  birth.

Emotionally, spiritually however, I am actually  just rolling on the floor laughing. Me as a “brainwashed lemming who just worships authoritarian systems” is hysterically funny in it’s strange juxtaposition against reality. In other words, not so much. I am more like the anti matter when it comes to blind obedience. I mean, I have references and everything. Probably a  permanent record, too.

Some part of me is also mildly offended at the very suggestion, ever so slightly miffed, because anyone who would accuse me of being a brain washed lemming for authority, has never listened to a darn word I have said nor have they ever bothered to get to know me.

Here in this liberal oasis, AKA, the 9th circuit of hell, the accusation of being an authoritarian or a sycophant for power structures is such an odd paradox, such a strange parallel universe to find oneself trapped in. I am in the minority and somewhat powerless. I’m not just on the lowest rung of the social ladder, I’m not even allowed to go near the ladder! So, it’s more like, I totally object to this somewhat fascist, authoritarian, dystopian, system so many people seem hell bent on creating. Like NO! I’m actually terrified of authoritarian systems that demand brainwashed lemmings worship them. Sooo, could you politely just get your foot off my neck?

How is it people never seem to be able to see their own authoritarian systems and power structures?? It’s kind of like being “power blind” or something.

I mean, if Government is just benevolence, love, and community, why do you always attach fines, penalties, mandates, and force, to your beautiful pie in the sky ideas? I mean, if something is for the good of all, generally you can just win over hearts and minds and we can all work together. Somewhat! I mean, there are always a few extremists and a few lost and broken, but for the most part nobody is ever arguing in favor of our right to do something like, steal from one another. Except the Gov of course, they often seem to be a bit shady in that area…

I’ve been doing this on the internet for close to 15 years now, trying to reach across the aisle, trying to communicate with people of diverse views. I’ve been doing it on the ground too,  but to a much lesser degree. For the most part people really don’t want to sit down and have a fireside chat and when they’re flashing me a peace symbol they often forget to use both fingers. Those are huge obstacles when trying to foster discussion.

What makes this such an exercise in futility is that people often don’t even want to listen. They just want to validate their own world view. I’ve had to learn from that example, I’ve learned that I have to be willing to listen myself, because it’s totally nutty when you won’t. Like for example, the 12 different conversations I’ve tried to enter the past few days on FB and twitter that all began with, “Will somebody please tell me…”

Absolutely! I’d just love to tell you! I’m ready, willing, and able. Also, I’m fairly pleasant, easy to talk to, and generally civil. And 3…2…1…..blocked, banned, ignored, dismissed, and locked out. It’s almost funny how predictable it always is.

low angle shot of a person swinging on a rope tied to coconut tree

Photo by Alexis Azabache on Pexels.com

“Will somebody please tell me…” really just means, affirm that my nutty worldview is totally accurate and that all sane people share my perceptions and views and anyone who disagrees with me ever so slightly is totally wrong and should just be completely annihilated.

I empathize, I empathize deeply with the mindset. I happen to have a  giant catapult just to fling people off my planet with. A totally imaginary catapult, but hey, it still works.

Also, not to blow any minds here, but that mindset is totally authoritarian and fascist…….just saying.