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woman wearing black and red dress holding sword standing on rock surface during day time

Photo by Ivan Cujic on Pexels.com

We need a good laugh and it seems to me it is definitely time to lighten up, so I shall do my best. This week’s adventures on the internet took me down the rabbit hole of  #ChristianSocialMediaInfluencers, a strange land full of people attempting to bite and devour one another. Discernment ministries, they’re just, well……totally off the wall and weird.

But wait! It gets even better. #Reformedlandia. I did not coin that term, but I did place a space buoy nearby warning people to totally avoid this sector of the universe. An outbreak of rabies, I suspect. Very sad. Pretty sure it’s going to be fatal. Don’t feel bad, it’s all predetermined anyway.

I met a nice gentlemen on the journey, a brother for sure. I assure you I have done my bestest to be civil, to not speak too sharply to the Totally Wrongheaded and to walk away from 80% of Twitter-conflict. I leave that open ended, a 20% leeway because, well, because some things just need to be said. Perhaps it does no good, or perhaps somebody reading along will see your words and go, Ahhh, I knew I wasn’t crazy, I knew ‘there was somebody else sensible in the world.

You know, a lot of rubbish goes down in the world because good women just stand there and say nothing.

Anyway, said nice gentlemen took issue with something I said to someone else. It had a tone to it, an aroma that suggested I was perhaps becoming a dreaded Humorless Internet Scold. The older you get the harder it is to not grow bitter, humorless, and scolding. True story.  Also, get off my darn lawn!

I don’t believe I said anything too snappish or impolite, but I was certainly thinking it, and certainly pondering how it would be mildly amusing if a giant asteroid came along and just landed on some people’s heads. So, I agreed, I thanked said gentlemen for reminding me that the power of life and death is in our tongues and that becoming a Humorless Internet Scold is bad for the complexion and bad for our Christian witness.

A bit tongue and cheek, but I’m quite serious about that last sentence. I believe in it. So properly rebuked and convicted, I unplugged and went and took a good 3 mile hike.

So where is said gentleman today?? Muahauauaa! He has discovered #Reformedlandia and is in serious need of intercession and perhaps even, intervention. With all good grace here, he has totally fallen victim to the Humorless Internet Scold affliction, with some language far more colorful than mine.

And he is absolutely right too, because evil only thrives when good men do nothing……


man holding sword

Photo by Daisa TJ on Pexels.com