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Who is Dalrock, you might ask? Well, a red pill Christian blogger I began sounding the alarm about more than six years ago. Here is one such post, Calling Out Dalrock.

There are dozens more written over the years. I interacted with Dalrock and with some of his fans directly until they  eventually banned and blocked me. I then wrote posts  because I was not pleased with the red pills, their bitterness, hatred, and gaming of women converging on our faith, on the church. Many of those guys reading red pill blogs were lost, broken, wounded, they really needed Jesus, they needed good leadership, they needed sound doctrine, not a pseudo cultian perversion of what Jesus taught.

Rollo Tomassi  complains about Dalrock’s blogging retirement and gives a descriptive not prescriptive explanation, “His blog has been the go-to place for discussing the Red Pill within a framework of Christian convictions for as long as I’ve been blogging.”

(That was always Tomassi’s go to excuse when I tried to speak to him about the consequences of his red pill ideology, “I’m descriptive not prescriptive.” I’m not prescriptive, I don’t tell people how to use my ideas.)

Let me be quite clear here, there really is no “red pill framework within Christian convictions.” Zip, zilch, nada. The red pill is about gaming women with heavy pornographic overtones around  domination and sexual violence.

I’m a big fan of free speech, I’d never dream of doxing, harassing, or trying to shut people down as the red pills often do to others, but I am also  a big fan of blowing the whistle on shady behavior and praying a whole lot.

So Lori Alexander, The Transformed Wife, Christian blogger, has a huge red pill fan base, primarily because she tells them what they want to hear, she tickles their ears, she validates their pornographic desires to dominate women and she helps to  lend Christian credence or validity to what is outright vile.  I encourage you to read this brief from Lori, “Godly Women are Today’s Rebel.”

She is all abuzz about having been contacted by one of the leaders of the 22 Convention and praised for all her good work. She makes it clear this is not a Christian conference,  but than says, “It’s a sad state of affairs that a convention like this is teaching a type of biblical womanhood (a return to traditional values) by men when most churches won’t.”

Okay, I’m not judging any of these 22 Convention guys in a way that is condemning. We all got our issues. The thing is, Mike Cernovich and Stefan Molyneux are pretty intense, pretty vile, shock jocks, and they are the tamest, the most mainstream speakers at the event. Then there is Texas Dom and his affection for BDSM.  That’s bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism, for the uninitiated. And than there are the other speakers, many whose words on the internet I cannot quote because they are very sexually descriptive about what they have either inflicted on prostitutes or they fantasize about inflicting on prostitutes. All women by the way, are pretty much in this category of, “non human entity to be used for sexual purposes.” AWALT.  All Women Are Like That.

Lori is correct when she says, “Godly Women are Today’s Rebel.” However, Godly women have a powerful responsibility to first of all represent Jesus properly, but second of all, to speak up and to speak out against things that actually do demean, degrade, and abuse women, things like sexual abuse and violent pornography. It’s not good for women, but it isn’t good for men either. These are not Christian values, this is our materialistic, pornographic culture, trying to legitimatize itself.

Speak out and speak up. Those ARE traditional values. That IS Biblical womanhood. Actually, it’s also Biblical manhood.

I wish Dalrock well. I hope he draws closer to the Lord. I hope he finds friends and mentors who help him discover who Jesus really is and what His heart for us is. I’m not sad to see him go, I’m exceedingly grateful. It’s an answer to prayer.


****A special thanks to Night Wind for always keeping me entertained, for the interesting writing, and for the diligence and persistence in researching some of these guys.