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If there was one thing I wish people could understand in our great country it would be, government is force. It is so not “happy, benevolent, cooperative, joy.” Every single time we ask the government to do something for us, we are using force to restrict someone else’s autonomy and freewill. Every. Single. Time.

Rob them of their autonomy and freewill. It is taken by force.

Now, sometimes this is necessary! Sometimes you need to restrict people’s individual freedom and force them to comply. Like in the case of serial killers. Genuine threats, foreign and domestic, that endanger the safety and well being of the general population. However, even this is serious business, every single time, and should never be taken lightly. Government is force.

You know who really struggles with this truth? Women! Yep. Over and over again I slam up against the darn legalism of women. Makes me absolutely crazy. Especially horrific are female lawmakers with a leftward bent, like the kind in our state government.

If anybody ever wonders, how in the heck did IB ever become a vehement conservative? Well, thank a woman. Somewhere along the path of plucking knives out of my back, I became a big fan of limited government. Go figure! Less power and control, means a safer me.

One such delightful legalistic specimen, goes by the name of Rep. Monica Jurado Stonier, She wants to save the world by mandating that servers in restaurants be punished, under penalty of law, if they try to serve chocolate milk to children. Of course it’s not just chocolate milk, but any drink over 130 calories.

Apparently all children are obese and hyperactive. Apparently all parents are wimps and can’t say no. Surely there is some sad sack of a minimum wage employee somewhere we can hold accountable for this tragic state of affairs? Of course there is! There always is.

Rep. Monica Jurado Stonier cares deeply, so, so deeply about minimum wage employees, she wants to fine us all 250-500 for serving flavored milk to a child in a restaurant.

Most likely the unflavored milk mandate will pass into law in this state along with all the other absolutely petty bits of rubbish that dominate my life and force me to carry a concealed weapons permit if I plan to possess a plastic straw.

If I sound angry, I assure you I am. Call me triggered, call me fed up, call me a cheese biscuit.

I’m not supposed to speak of such things in mixed company, or in any company at all really,  but it really is the petty legalism of so many women that has sent me totally spinning out of control, determined to speak about it whether anyone wants to listen or not. I’ve spent a life time hunkered down in the hedges like a ninja trying to dodge this rampant mean spiritedness, this, I’ll get you, I’ll tell your boss, I’ll report you, I’ll take you out, I’ll write law, I’ll make you suffer…..

For what? Breathing wrong. Wearing the wrong color socks. Not caring about the things she cares about. Causing her to feel insecure. Provoking envy. Disturbing her zen. Failing to validate her worldview….

Pray for me. Obviously I have huge issues with the legalism and constant tattling of women. I cannot recall ever having a man say, you know what, there ought to be law against you….

I don’t even really know Rep. Monica Jurado Stonier, but I am about to launch a chocolate milk rebellion like this country has never seen. There’s going to be chocolate cows and chocolate milk fountains and I will be contributing to the delinquency of every child forced to drink unflavored milk in restaurants just to satisfy the whims of some emotionally driven lawmaker who has decided she is entitled to use government force against others just to make herself feel better……

You’ll pry my chocolate milk out of my cold, dead hands, Monica.


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