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See, there is this thing called biology, is indeed the name of my blog,  specifically the intersectionality (ha, hate that word) between culture, politics, faith, and evolutionary biology.

If anyone wonders why I have not written specifically about evolutionary biology lately, well, this little gem from CNN will clue you in, “Bearded men are more attractive to women, study says, unless they’re squeamish about hair-borne bugs.”

Women apparently love beards, except for the rare occasion you encounter a totally defective woman who is actually squeamish about fleas, lice, or flies? Which then begs the question, wait, so are there actually women who do enjoy hair borne bugs???


Don’t yell at me, I’m Generation X. We just observe and watch the world burn.

Also, this is science people, Science, registered trademark. Sound research, bought and paid for. Not to mention it’s from CNN, the most trusted name in news. So it must be true!

The article contains some very interesting and ground breaking research such as, “It’s on an unconscious level, of course. But from the viewpoint of her inner animal brain, who wants to pucker up to a mouth fringed by a thicket of hair that might contain tiny, squirmy, maggot-like creatures?”

Uhm, no, I’d suggest that instinct is not an unconscious one at all, nor is coming from deep within her, “inner animal brain.” I’d call that a fully conscious and visceral reaction, thank you very much.

See, evolutionary biologists are having a very hard of reconciling research with reality. Women do find bearded men more attractive……right up to the point where you tell her, So you really want to pucker up to a mouth fringed by tiny, squirmy, maggot, like creatures?

Uhm, well no. Now that you mention it, now that you put it that way, perhaps not! The article actually says, “But when our innate disgust toward parasitic creatures was factored into the equation, things changed.”

You don’t say?? Bet no one saw that one coming! It turns out that women really do like beards, we find them attractive…….right up until you pack them with tiny, squirming, maggot like creatures, at which point our attraction meter tends to fall off dramatically.

Sigh. I don’t know what frustrates me more, that rubbish like this passes as “Science” or that CNN doesn’t even TRY to write coherent articles.


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