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I really enjoyed and appreciated many so many blog posts this past week. I was blessed to get to do a lot of reading this week and there are some really cool people out there in Bloggerville! What a wealth of wisdom, humor, joy.

Anyway they are all too numerous to mention, but I really liked Pastor Randy’s, “Damn The Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead–Throw It Out There Thursday.” You should click to read the whole thing but he does a great job of naming this thing that inflicts us like an invasive species, this  rugged individualism or cultural determinism that kind of says, “I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, and there better not be any consequences.”

All in good fun here and speaking from the experience of having done it all wrong,  but “damn the torpedoes” is not a bad attitude to have, WHEN tempered with wisdom and under some form of authority. The problem being that culturally we have pretty much removed our foundations, cut the anchor line that kept us moored to some form of stability. Things like tradition, fidelity, loyalty, sacrifice for the common good, have really got lost in our pursuit of individuality and full autonomy.

Next we have Mel Wild’s post, Why We Still Need Reformation.” I enjoyed this post because He hit on every theological or emotional point I’ve ever wrestled with, struggled over, argued about, every concept I firmly believe in now, after a great deal of blood, sweat, and tears. Those ideas sometimes put me at odds with much of Western evangelism and the church over all. I love to see it put into words so concisely and clearly. It makes me feel not so crazy.

I think my heart is softer to some Calvinistic concepts, some tulip tripping, because I can see the value in some of those tools and how they have played out in my own life. I could for example, curl up somewhere nice and warm and chat about theology forever, about how God’s sovereignty IS God’s love, and about how Love conquered all, exactly as He predetermined. I could probably write a thesis about how we are all wonderfully and fearfully made in the image of God, beautiful in our own right, and yet totally depraved too. But, I am also keenly aware that there are a whole lot of angry, hostile, bitter, Calvinists out there, who have remade God in their own image, and really created some huge stumbling blocks for a lot of people.

Something I learned from a really sweet pastor however, was to hang your theology up on a hook by the door when you leave the house. You can have it back as soon as you come home from loving people. I thought that was the coolest analogy and I hold that idea, that visual, kind of dear. So, so many of our problems and conflicts spring up from miscommunication and attempts to forge intellectual agreements in faith, rather then building a heart connection to the Lord Himself.

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