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Photo by Plush Design Studio on Pexels.com

Anybody ever heard that saying, “I’m just preaching to the choir,” as if what you are doing serves no real purpose, they’ve already heard it, or it’s just a waste of time??

Preach to the choir, peeps! Seriously! The gospel never gets old. Our faith is new each morning and the Bible tells us the word isΒ  revealed to us, “precept by precept, a little here, a little there….”

The very “worst” that can happen when you “preach to the choir” is that someone will feel affirmed, validated, and encouraged in something they already know. That’s a pretty awesome “worst.”

“The choir” is also frequently neglected and ignored. It’s human nature to want to rescue the lost, put out fires, save the day. Also triage, right?? We need to attend to the needs of those who are bleeding out and their hair is on fire.

(True story, I once sat in the ER with a sick kid waiting to be seen for hours. It was almost our turn when someone arrived intoxicated, bleeding profusely, and then promptly set their hair on fire with a lighter. Triage, we got bumped yet again.)

Many times, the ones who hold it all together, the stoics, the rescuers, the caretakers, the ones who so often sit in the choir, really need your words the most of all. So, preach to the choir, and let silly sayings fall to the wayside.