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This priceless gem is from the Babylon Bee, “Christian Uses KonMari Method While Studying Bible To Remove All Verses that Don’t Spark Joy.” Satire, smart and funny.

BUT, but, shoot, there is some good wisdom lurking in there, too! For those who don’t know, KonMari is a master organizer, a de-clutterer. She is the one who taught me how to file my clothing in my dressers, vertically, like a filing cabinet. This not only allows you to see everything in there, it enables you to own five times as much clothing as you ever thought possible, and that is a beautiful thing.

Anyway, the Bee is just being snarky, but I think they’ve hit on something really important here. We should apply the KonMari method when reading the Bible and remove anything that doesn’t spark joy. Yep, you betcha! Nope, not in a literal sense as in removing the verses or editing the Bible, but if it isn’t sparking joy within, something has probably gone awry either in our understanding or within our experiences, or within our own heart.

So, so many problems arise within faith from the need to unlearn total junk. Seriously, there are so many false teachings, misunderstandings, outright deceptions in the world that just cloud people’s eyes to the Truth.

Let me pour a ton of grace over this post, most of us are going to really fall short of that goal, that standard. I am just saying, if it doesn’t spark joy, maybe we need to toss out our own understanding and let the Lord teach us what it really means? Maybe we need to explore what is going on within our own hearts? Maybe we aren’t understanding those words in the right context?

So, so many of us have baggage, clutter, just random junk clouding our vision and robbing our space. The Bible says, “come all you heavy laden…” Set your burdens down. Declutter. Lighten up.

Jesus actually goes to the cross “for the joy that was set before Him…” That is a really powerful passage to meditate on, to understand, to immerse yourself in. When you begin to grasp that Jesus had a choice, and that He chose you, joyously, it changes your perception, it is a ground breaking revelation. Wow, Jesus made an investment in us! We are His investment. He gave up His very life for us, willingly and joyfully. For God so loved the world.

Now, chasing down the rabbit trails within our own souls doesn’t always feel so good at first, it isn’t always a joyous thing immediately, but on the other side of that work there is that fruit of the spirit, joy.

There are a host of human emotions, grief, sadness, frustration, even Jesus wept. I’m not suggesting we plaster on a happy face 24/7, I’m just saying that God doesn’t hand out extra credit points for being a miserable Christian. There are some rather prominent twitterlogians currently engaged in a debate in which Mr Herman Neutics has been stabbed in the back and Mr Exe Gesis was obviously doing jello shots and has now passed out on the floor. I’ll spare you the links, but I assure you it isn’t good. The underlying theme seems to be, if it feels really bad and potentially immoral, it must somehow be Biblical and more Godly.