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First let me say, respect God’s pronouns people. He is a good, good Father, and Jesus came to us as a man, and there are some beautiful, amazing, and precious, precious, reasons for that. Also, God is Spirit, God is much bigger than the gendered boxes we try to put Him in.

So my only purpose or point of this post is that it is an interesting issue. I think it embiggens the discussion and helps us to understand ourselves better. I’m not trying to make God female in some kind of social justice campaign or theological rewrite.

Recently Twitter had a pretty popular hashtag, #IfGodWereFemale. Along with the usual human rubbish, there was also some surprising thoughtfulness, intelligence, and good humor. I was surprised. Ha! People can still surprise me.

First, many women tweeting seemed to understand how wildly destructive we can be as women, deep in our hearts. There were numerous quips about the 15 floods we would have sent while just burning down the world and starting over. Sadly, the world would also be littered with salt pillars. Lot’s wife times a million. Women are not always so kind to one another. Also, as God, nobody is ever going to listen to our Honey Do lists. That last one made me crack up, because, yeah, that’s probably how God feels already. Nobody ever listens to His To Do List! It’s pretty simple list too, like, love your God and love your neighbor as yourself.

Ain’t nobody got any time for that kind of thing….

There was a surprising amount of empathy towards men in some of those tweets. That was kind of endearing, charming, counter cultural. Chuckling here, but I am a member of the Flatter Earth Society. We’re totally complimentary. Bit of a joke, but the world really needs more flattery, kindness, and compliments, especially between men and women. I enjoyed seeing some kindness going on.

So eventually I sent out this tweet and I really like it because it captures the essence of what often lurks in some women’s hearts, what it often feels like to be female.

#IfGodWereFemale She’d have all of the responsibility but none of the authority. People would blame her for everything while at the same time refusing to even believe in her. We’d mansplain the nature of her creation to her, and insist she be remade in our own image.

Is that not what we so often do to God Himself already? It is! Everything is God’s fault, but we don’t really allow Him into our lives where He has any authority. We can even get so lost and broken, we’ll blame God while at the same time claiming He doesn’t even exist. Than we mansplain, (women, too) and inform Him how things really are. Than rather than getting to know Him, rather than allowing Him to remake us in His own image, we promptly try to remake Him into ours.

And if He doesn’t comply and conform to our demands, we just toss Him in the friend zone or ghost Him entirely.

I was definitely amused by the revelation.  So here’s the message,  don’t treat God like a woman, people. Heck, don’t even treat women like that! Also, Join the Flatter Earth Society, become totally complimentary and spread the flattery around.


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