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So hubby and I had a lovely date night watching movies, and in a rather happy accident, stumbled on, “American Ultra,”  2015. He was actually teasing me, being keenly aware of my deep “love” for the angst ridden teen age drama queen, Kristen Stewart of Twilight Fame. So I called his bluff and said okay, I’ll watch it. 

First let me say, this is a totally inappropriate movie, NSFW, not suitable for children, filled with gratuitous violence, gore really, but absolutely delightful and laugh out loud funny. I was totally prepared to just numb out the dumb, but it got ahold of my funny bone right away and wouldn’t let go. I was delighted.

The guy, Mike, is this lost boy, a complete stoner often in trouble with the law, who works in a  grocery store and draws ape comics. His girlfriend, played by the angsty  Kirsten, might as well be his mommy, his therapist, his lawyer, his landlord, trying to carry along this wounded bird in a basket. One of my favorite lines was, “please don’t use your grown up voice on me.”

Mike has major issues, anxiety disorders, he can’t leave town because he just starts vomiting, and his only real circle of support and life wisdom is his drug dealer. Just the same, he is likeable, adorable in his fragility, which speaks to the real skill that went into creating his character. It captured the perfection, perhaps even the hidden beauty within completely dysfunctional relationships. She loves him, what can I say. It’s just not rational.

Which brings us to ultra, mk ultra, the CIA, corruption, handlers, and mind control, an odd and charming juxtaposition, all this small town sweetness and innocence, slamming up against the swamp of the deep state.

What can I say, it just really appealed to my dark sense of humor, to my observations about men and women, and perhaps to my bloodthirsty nature. Did I mention the gratuitous violence? What can I say, I am without excuse, it was excessive, but sometimes you just need a good fantasy, an escape valve, a chance to vicariously slay all the bad guys and set the world back on its feet again.


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Photo by Mudassir Ali on Pexels.com