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I almost never pick on pastors on account of the fact that I generally tend to adore them, flaws and all. One of my favorites was actually a defrocked Catholic priest with a serious drinking problem and some major PTSD from Vietnam. I loved him dearly. Still miss that man.

So, you have to seriously annoy me before I say anything at all at which point I feel totally entitled to not just slay you slowly and painfully, but to take out a small country in the process. Which leads me to the Blind  Pharisee of Sherwood Forest, the ever unpopular Pastor Wilson of Moscow fame, who named his own darn self, “Toxic Boy” on account that fact that some part of him seems to realize how very toxic he really is. I suppose admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery…

So, Toxic Boy has written a post called, “20/20 Vision, the year many Christians began to see clearly.” It is all about reconstruction of the church 2020. The reformed are always reconstructing or deconstructing something, generally the faith of those around them by virtue of their rather unpleasant cage stage antics. We should probably just invent a New Year’s dance called the “schism,” because this is predictable, redundant, and boring.

Anyway, my wrath now being somewhat satisfied in only three paragraphs, I should like to talk about the wrath of God instead. Let us return to Pastor Wilson’s words, “As the damage was done by the first Adam, it could only be undone by another Adam, and so God sent Christ to fulfill that role—to be the head of a reconstituted human race. So He lived a perfect sinless life on our behalf, was betrayed by one of His disciples, was nailed to a cross of wood, and while there experienced the wrath of a holy God as though all of it was poured over His head and shoulders. He died under the curse of that wrath, and God vindicated Him three days later by raising Him up from the dead for our justification.

So basically God as cosmic child abuser, so mad at us He slowly tortured His innocent Son to death, His Son being a wholly separate being? Good news, you too can serve this God of rage and wrath, and become like Jesus, the obedient child abuse victim?

Did you know that a glass of hydrogen peroxide and a glass of water are nearly indistinguishable from one another? Tis true, they are both clear liquids, bearing almost no smell, and unless one goes to take a drink and fill their mouth with foam, one cannot discern the difference. Trust me, I have spent lifetime foaming at the mouth. I know the difference between peroxide and H2O, the Holy kind of living water.

Pastor Wilson’s words, on the surface sound a bit like the gospel in much of Western modernity. I mean, they are plausible, if one doesn’t engage their brain too hard and completely disengages their heart. Only a heretic like me is going to go, wait a minute guys, the conscience that God gave me is not really keen on worshiping this God of wrath and rage who murdered his own Son! Also, you have now made the Son into a completely separate being, a powerless one at that, a victim, a child abuse victim. The righteousness of Jesus has now been reduced to nothing more then His passive ability to simply endure His Father’s abuse without complaint, with perfect obedience?

What do you even mean when you try to say, “God vindicated Him three days later by raising Him up from the dead for our justification?” Tell me Wilson, what in the world does the  blameless and sin free Jesus need to be vindicated from? I mean “vindicated” means to be cleared of a crime, acquited. What pray tell, was Jesus’s crime???

Now, The Blind Pharisee will no doubt completely disregard my post and refuse to address my theological concerns. He’s far more interested in attacking rebellious women with pink hair who wear yoga pants or writing click baity, articles for church growth perhaps something like, “Why do Christian women always show so much cleavage in church?”

I however, have done my part, “as much as it depends on you.” I have a couple of theological pet peeves, nerves if you will, and Wilson has managed to get on both of them. Please don’t mangle the Trinity into an unrecognizable mess of triangulated human psychological dysfunction and please don’t portray God in such a vile, unpleasant way that I must harden my heart in order to follow Him.

Happy New Year, everyone.


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