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“You are the reason for the season. Jesus is the answer.” Love that quote, but I kind of choked on it at first, had some trouble swallowing it. It’s become fashionable to say, “Jesus is the reason for the season,” a notion that you won’t actually find in the Bible.

Jesus actually never says remember my birth and commemorate it every year. He does say remember my death, remember my body,  broken for you, my blood,  shed for you. For YOU. Do this in remembrance of me.  YOU are the reason for the season. YOU are why He came.

To be the “reason for the season,” calls us to a higher level of accountability, to a sense of obligation and responsibility, perhaps to a level of maturity that is sorely needed these days. We are not actually Jesus fans or movie goers, we are His boots on the ground, those charged with bearing His image out in the world, with picking up His authority.

Jesus doesn’t “need” our birthday parties, our adoration, our praise and worship. He needs you. What does God want for Christmas? He wants you. Our faith really needs to be personalized and internalized.

I’ve known the Lord for a long time, but for many years I kept Him at arms length. Chuckling here, but I have a personal space bubble of about 30 feet, complete with castle walls and a moat full of alligators. We speak of “inviting Him in,” well for me that meant talking to Him from across the street. I kid you not, He showed up on my porch one day, metaphorically of course, and I totally freaked out. Wayyyyy too close. Panic attack.

CS Lewis once wrote about how we are a living house, and about how,  “You thought you were being made into a decent little cottage: but He is building a palace. He intends to come and live in it Himself.” 

You are that house. He wants to move in. If you are like me, that is actually an incredibly uncomfortable notion. When somebody comes in to remodel, there is often massive deconstruction going on and it is a real mess. Sometimes it is really hard to see the vision at the end of the process. Trust in Him. Keep the faith.

So, YOU are the reason for the season. Jesus is the answer.


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