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man wearing santa costume

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I hatz it, Christmas music. I officially and formally file a complaint in triplicate, with blue ink. You’ll have to forgive me, or not, I’m just saying don’t judge until you’ve spent the season with that falalalala 24/7 in the background yelling at you. Did you know it all has the same beat?? Seriously, it’s marching music and it all says, shop, shop, shop, shop, till you drop, drop, drop, drop…..

It doesn’t usually bother me, but this year it’s just grated on my nerves. Even my mother, vehement atheist, proclaimed the other day, “Where’s all the good music? Why should people have to go to mass just to hear Ava Maria?” Whoah, it was a chink in her armor, and indication that she at least thinks about such things. You do not have to go to mass, I have access to dozens of renditions of Ava Maria, Barbara Streisand being one my favorites, but she didn’t want to hear any of it. Too late, I am now privy to a  great secret, my mother likes Ava Maria. Cool, me too.

So I hatz it all this year, except, except, I’m still really loving Francesca Battiselli’s, “You’re Here.” I enjoy her voice, the definitely-not-a-Christmas-beat-tune, and the message. He is here, His presence is His present, here in the present. I don’t know why we often feel so disconnected, so separated from God Himself, but that is a deception, an illusion.  He is here.