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Not mine, my soul seems to grow fat when it simply looks at soul food. Those words were  part of a Google search that led someone to my blog, and since I am all about the soul rot, I appreciate Google thinking of me. This is a vast improvement over their usual search engine work, where they just send me everyone asking, “are women insane?”

So, souls the proper care and feeding of souls…..

Whenever my soul is rotting the first thing I have to ask is, what I am feeding the poor thing? I imagine souls are a bit like turtles in an aquarium. If they are immersed in slimy water and never able to step out onto a dry rock somewhere, their shells will begin to get soft and eventually rot. Their shells will literally rot right off their body, not unlike our souls sometimes feel as if they are.

Sometimes I imagine my soul grows weary of so many empty calories and asks for a divorce.  Get me free of this woman, she can’t take care of a soul any better than she cares for turtles….

Sustenance, souls need sustenance and proper nutrition. Also, exercise, you must take your soul out and exercise it. Not out of your body of course, you should leave your soul in your body and take the entire package out for some fresh air and sunlight. We tend to feed our souls an incredible amount of garbage, total processed food, high in chemicals and other assorted things that don’t even belong in our soul food.

We’re living in the technology age, everything is at our finger tips. With or even without our permission, we are taking in massive amounts of rubbish. The other day the gas pump started talking to me and at the grocery store a screen popped out and tried to sell me something I wasn’t even interested in.

Garbage in, garbage out. The only way I know how to combat this is not to restrict what we are taking in, but to deliberately take in healthy things and feed our souls until they are so full of good things, there is simply no room for anything else. We have to be very proactive about this too, because there really is this grand conspiracy to try to rob you of your peace. It is an out right war and like it or not, you are an unwitting participant.

That is far better than being a witless participant. Witless participants are the worse, because that is like being a bit of collateral damage. Hubby and I watched a few hours of TV the other day and I discovered that it is likely I am suffering from depression, bladder control issues, social anxiety disorder, and assorted other challenges having to do with my inherent lack of attractiveness and tendency to age all wrong. Also, the world is filled with nothing but bad guys doing appalling things. I was starting to hope a meteor might hit before we do any more damage to ourselves.

These messages can be so subliminal, so subtle, you just feel vaguely uneasy, not quite sure why you are feeling like you do, but soul indigestion for sure. Add into the mix, Real Life, and the stuff that  happens to us with or without our permission, and it is very easy to let your soul begin to rot.

I prescribe heavy feasting on good things and dragging yourself out into the Son-Light.