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nihilstsI suspect “fun with nihilism” may be a total oxymoron, unless you are already a bit disturbed, in which case one’s bent sense of humor would find such things amusing. What can I say, I have seen some ridiculous emotional meltdowns, the kind that compel you to simply ask, “well now, all better?” That is the proper response to nihilism, Finished? Can I get you a hot drink and perhaps a blanket?

I empathize there, seriously, I have railed against all of creation and yelled at God Himself. It is not that I do not understand the condition of being a nihilist, it is just that when I yelled at God He happened to yell back, which does indeed change one’s perspective rather quickly.

I declined to participate in a philosophical discussion on nihilism today that began with, “man is a rational creature.” That one statement right there clued me into the fact that we have left the realm of reason entirely and simply entered another dimension. It is not really that I am opposed to reason and logic, I just cannot abide things that masquerade themselves as rational.

People are free to be, well actually they are free to be anything they want, but to please me you must choose, logic, rhetoric, or emotionalism. Or even all three if you like! Multi task, that’s just fine. What I cannot abide is emotionalism and rhetoric disguised as reason. Drives me nuts. I am all about the irrational, the emotional, the angst, misery, and woe, just let’s not try to disguise it as some higher form of intelligence or something. There is a Higher form of intelligence and the good news is… He is not us. Thank God.

And for goodness sake, let’s not call our despair a philosophy! Enter nihilism. Nihilism for the purpose of today’s amusement is defined as, “Existential nihilism is the belief that life has no intrinsic meaning or value.”Β  I mean really, what is not better than a proper existentialist crisis and people lamenting the meaningless of our existence? Oh woe is me, I just sprung forth from pointless biological goo in a random act of nothingness, possessing no more sentience than a table lamp. Which than does beg the question, like why are we even talking to you?! If you are meaningless and I am meaningless, than surely this entire conversation is meaningless too, right? Wrong, nihilists take their nihilism very seriously. It is good to know they still believe in something. Themselves apparently, which does reveal the root of the problem.

Nihilists however, do tend to produce some great literary works of art. There is something to be said for madness and genius existing in close proximity to one another. Of course, I would have no way of discerning a great work of art in a meaningless universe, which is the dimension I sometimes feel as if I have fallen into when I go into art galleries, but that is beside the point. The point is Something, somewhere has meaning, which provides the standard with which we use to judge all else.

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