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barnaclesBarnacles are fascinating little creatures. They cling to just about anything, boats, shells, pilings, rocks, with a glue that is so amazing, scientists have long been studying it, trying to duplicate it and use it in practical applications.

I’ve harvested a lot of oysters in my lifetime, pried them off the rocks, spent hours touring oyster laboratories, and as amazing as oysters are, also good to eat, they don’t even compare to barnacles. For those who don’t know, oyster breeding is big business, actually called seeding. I once got to hold a package of oyster spawn and nearly dropped them when he told me that’s worth about 8 grand. Scared the heck out of me. Slippery little microscopic things, a bit perverse really.

In the context of faith however, I often imagine myself to be a barnacle, not a very glamorous avatar at all, but stubbornly, persistently glued to a rock, the Rock that is Higher than I. Sometimes I truly am like a barnacle, just hanging on for dear life in some pretty dark and stormy seas. Those tentacles, those feelers that barnacles extend upward, those are little praise hands reaching out for that wi/fi signal from God. Actually they’re feeding and oxygenating themselves, but same difference as far as I am concerned.

Somewhat funny, barnacles are actually upside down, the cement glands that attach them to rocks being more affiliated with their heads, so what we see of barnacles is actually their rear ends hanging out. That analogy works just fine for me too, God having a way of turning what we think we know on it’s head anyway, turning us upright actually, but when one is upside down for a long time, rightside up can feel a bit surreal and foreign.

Becasue it is Monday and this is a post about rocks, it is time for my gratutious rock picture. This guy of course is not the Rock of whom I speak, but he does make me laugh, which cheers me up immensely.

****Repost, just because.

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