I sure appreciated this wonderful article by Jonathan Malesic called, “Meet the Twitter account promoting the Gospel, one tweet at a time.”

He really summed up something true when he said, “Twitter is not where you expect to find spiritual comfort. Too often, it is the site for call-outs, pile-ons and racist trolling. But there are also pockets of compassion and inspiration.”

Yep,  amen to those “pockets of compassion and inspiration.” I’m always fascinated by questions like, what can the gospel look like on social media and, how can we as Christians learn to use our technology to better love people?

Something that I see as a real winning combination, something that I perceive Jesus Himself to be like, is good humored and irreverent. There are so many people just trying to get through life, just looking for some love and compassion, and then there are so, so many others who don’t really know Jesus, don’t really know the gospel, because all they’ve ever seen is this portrayal of Jesus as kind of a humorless, distant God, demanding unconditional reverence and unquestioning obedience.

We need a few more of these creative people, more kind people, more people bold enough to slay a few sacred cows, people willing to actually be “the church” on social media. It’s a good thing.

low angle photography of people s finger doing star shape

Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com