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Recently I watched the almost-but-not-quite satirized and stylized movie, “Miss Meadows,” 2014, staring Katie Holmes. I absolutely fell in love with this movie that was surprisingly, totally panned by the critics and scored something like half a Rotten Tomato.

What can I say, some people’s taste is all in their mouth.

It was charming, endearing, interesting, and bittersweet. Also, not suitable for children or people with delicate sensibilities, although coping with one’s delicate sensibilities in a world gone completely mad does pretty much capture the fragrance of the whole tale.

I do thoroughly believe if one dresses properly, practices good manners, seeks meaningful work, and only kills the bad guys, all other character flaws should be immediately forgiven, flaws like the pursuit of vigilante justice, disrespect for the law, and anarchy. Also a wee bit of delusion and psychosis, Norman Bates style.

Mary Meadow’s quest for justice and morality, in a world in which nobody seems to care and the bad guys are winning, made perfect sense to me. Oh dear, be afraid, be very afraid. It was totally relatable….

“Miss Meadows” did an excellent job of demonstrating some of the conflict, the tension around being female, embracing femininity, and yet finding yourself in a war not of your own choosing. A reluctant warrior. How do we go about trying to hold that paradox in tension?

While enjoying this delightful romp down the rabbit hole, I was reminded several times that if this movie had had a male protagonist, it probably would have been a block buster, one of thousands of action adventure movies, perhaps James Bondish in it’s style, where dozens of people are killed right and left for the common good and nobody even bats an eye or clutches a pearl.

It’s quite a bit different when Mary Poppins takes it upon herself to make the world a better place. We tend to find that kind of thing, disconcerting to say the least. Women are supposed to stay in their lane.

A toast to all those who don’t.


Katie Holmes wearing a vintage floral dress on the set of 'Miss Meadows' in Ohio, USA