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I actually address the Blind Pharisee of Sherwood Forest, Doug Wilson of Idaho fame, and his sycophants, his merry men like Toby Sumpter. They have all been busy this week trying to link American slavery to the inerrancy of scripture to the goodness of God.

Their entire argument is clothed in the sheer brilliance of their own intellectualism, and the vast moral superiority of their own egoism, but that is basically the essence of the argument. See how that works, if one doesn’t pledge allegiance to their version of Biblical innerancy and accept that slavery was good, one is now a heretic.

Methinks the Lord would much rather have a heretic out tripping the tulips and following conscience, then someone on the inside calling evil “good” and crediting it all to our Maker. I would literally rather die than represent our Lord in such a manner.

Wilson (and Sumpter and all the other Wilsonian clones from the Moscow factory) seem hellbent on declaring, “The Law is Holy, Righteous, and Good!” Let me strongly rebuke that. Actually, no it is not! The Lawmaker is Holy, righteous, and good. The law is what got Him crucified.

Do not ever confuse “the law” with the Lawmaker. They are not the same at all. The law is why people invented six inch cigarette holders, so no tobacco shall ever touch their lips. Mission accomplished, the requirements of the law have been met. Apparently God is as easily fooled as I was by a child who wasn’t supposed to set foot in the kitchen and so he set every possible part of his body except his feet in the kitchen, like some kind of cross between a contortionist and a tiny tarzan.

God will not be mocked.  Apparently I will however, being a mom and a cheerful soul to boot. While my child was practicing acrobatics long ago in the kitchen, I was busy learning an important spiritual lesson about the nature of the law. My very young child was able to perfectly follow the letter of law while completely missing the spirit and intent of the law. I played this same game times four, for decades.

I fully empathize with God, He’s been doing it for eons times millions of people.

I believe in the Bible. I believe in the principle of Biblical inerrancy, as expressed in the Bible. “Let God be true and every man a liar.” The problem being, most men are liars. Yep, flat out liars. Deceived to the gills! Worst yet, they can’t even see it, they aren’t even aware of it. Blind as a bat. They do not even know their own selves and yet they feel amply qualified to proceed to define God for the rest of us? I would laugh outright at this travesty if it didn’t just make me want to sob uncontrollably.

So, I am casting pearls before these swine, because I feel obliged to intercede, to apologize for the poor manners and shallow intellect of so many of the movers and shakers of my faith, the social media influencers, the pop culture church planters and pastor trainers. Bloody appalling lot, I’m telling you.

I mean, Pastor Wilson’s reach is vast, and although he loves to present himself as an outcast, a rebel, he is invited to preach and teach, his books are read, and he is held up as an example of someone in Christiandom to follow. I feel quite sick when I say that, and sicker yet because of the dozens who argue, who are currently arguing, in his very “non racist” favor, as if there is nothing what so ever wrong with proclaiming that God Himself mandated and endorsed slavery, and it was good.

Because no matter how much cheese whiz you try to put on the cracker, that is what this whole argument is all about.

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Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels.com