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intelligentI found this nihilistic little meme to be darkly humorous. Human existence as existential horror certainly appeals to a girl who used to wonder, “What kind of a God would leave me trapped on a penal colony planet full of stupid people? Is this some version of a Divine joke?!!”

I found it darkly humorous on account of the fact that today I just eat existential horror for breakfast and wash it all down with broken glass and blue kool aid. Fortunately most people are not like me, most fortunate indeed, but that can also make them vulnerable to the fashion of angst ridden nihilistic memes disguised as “intelligence.”

That is why the truth is so important to share.

Modern people tend to believe we ARE our intelligence, our reason, our brains. Where is our soul located? Well, while allegedly not existing, it is also simultaneously housed between our ears. You are your brain. We modern people are fairly confident a brain transplant would put “you” in another body.  We believe YOU are your brain.

That is totally false.  That is symptomatic of pop culture, one of our modern mores, our customs. Ancient philosophers, including some of those in the Bible, understood that  our soul, the heart of who we are,  was actually a bit farther down our middle, closer to our gut. Intuition, feelings, instincts, and emotions, are what helps us to observe, perceive, and define that concept of “realism” listed in the meme.

Our brains were thought to be kind of a useless organ whose only purpose really, was to help us think ourselves into a great deal of trouble. Don’t make me post all the links, the clear evidence of that truth has persisted into modern times….

We are whole beings, mind, body, and spirit. We are not brains.

Science is finally beginning to catch on to this truth, having been quite surprised to discover that actually our brain does not send signals to the gut like a ship’s captain directing the starship, but rather the gut seems to send signals to the brain. We joke about things like, my brain just won’t produce any serotonin. And it really won’t, because most of it is actually produced in your gut anyway! We somewhat facetiously refer to this as the second brain or the, “gut brain.”

Your brain is not nearly as important of an organ as it likes to believe it is.

This meme also mildly annoyed me on account of the fact that it’s actually misleading, harmful, and could potentially lead to even more stinking thinking and chronic chaos. For example, “people with depression score higher on tests of realism.” They do not. They have a perception disorder that distorts their observations or their processing of reality. People with depression are not being realists, they are being fatalists, and depression also often has a physical component, a chemical imbalance adding to the perception challenges.

Realism is, “the quality or fact of representing a person, thing, or situation accurately or in a way that is true to life.” They may be able to observe objective reality intellectually in concrete ways, but they usually cannot process it emotionally and spiritually, and they often loose sight of their hope, their vision for the future. Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish, but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”

Quantum theory is kind of interesting to insert in here, because when it comes to “realism,” what is it? How do you define it? It changes, it can be two things at once depending on our vision, and it is at least partially shaped by the observer effect. The modern world is so linear, so binary, we don’t even want to admit the existence of strange things like “quantum mechanics” or the “gut brain,” but these are real enough, although somewhat invisible forces that can have a tremendous impact on us.

The next part, “when the mind understands too much about reality it wants to destroy itself,” is also deeply problematic. You want a real recipe for disaster, convince people their own brain is the beginning and end all of their existence and then place them in an anxiety ridden world with an uncertain future. Of course it wants to destroy itself. Stop the ride, I just want to get off…..

Next we’ll just feed everyone junk food, some heavily processed chemical soup sure to knock their gut-brains out of whack, so the signals going to our brains go haywire,  while at the same time telling them to practically worship their own brains as the only vital organ, the only sound vehicle for observing reality properly. Then we’ll feed people edgy nihilistic memes and tell them to go take selfies, because more self is always sure to……finish you off.

We should ALL be having a proper existential crisis by now.

But seriously, I just want to plead with folks out there, to remind them, “do not believe everything you think.”  The world is full of mystery and madness, full of music and intuition, all rich with imagination.