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Today I am simply meditating on the idea of snake bites, a totally random misfiring in my brain indeed, but somebody smart pointed out that nobody ever died from a snake bite. That is very true, even a very large, man eating anaconda will simply swallow you whole.  People don’t die from a snake bite, they die from the venom that is left behind.

That is a terrific metaphor for much of life.

It’s not the initial strike that will get you, it’s our inability to process the venom that’s been left behind.

I used to be really anxiety ridden, just terror stricken by snakes. You may laugh if you want, but I once encountered two snakes curled up on a woman’s porch and now I can’t work there anymore, in fact I really believe the whole deck should be removed, perhaps with explosives. It is forever tainted. The woman has long since  passed away…….no doubt from snake cooties.

I mention this because I am a huge fan of empowerment, of choices, of Jesus and His power to heal us. Absolutely, praise the Lord for His goodness to us, for His life and life abundant. Because of Him we are not defined by our afflictions and healing is quite possible. I no longer suffer from snake terror or flying terror or any of the other heart racing, breath stealing, anxiety ridden eternities that used to plague me. I have been totally set free.

I’m not even sure who I am talking to today, but sometimes there is still venom in our bodies, sometimes our mind is good, our spirit is good, but our flesh is still recovering, our body is still working it out. Our bodies can have memories of their very own, and sometimes it can seem as if they have a mind of their own. They do not, but much like muscle memory is a real thing, so too is our fleshly reaction to prior experiences.

Sometimes as people we can be a bit insensitive, sometime intentionally and sometimes accidentally, as if to say, you should totally be over that tiny little snake bite, it hardly bled at all! To say such things however, denies the truth, the reality, the power of venom.

And sometimes we people will cling to that venom because it is all we’ve ever known, because as awful as it is, it is still familiar and safe, and therefore comfortable in a weird kind of way.

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Photo by Lucas Ignacio on Pexels.com