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I want you all to know I am a h-u-g-e fan of self care. Like, I have my seasonal affective disorder light going, my aromatherapy diffuser pumping, and some good praise music going on in the background. I have had a massage, a facial, and had my toes done. Well, not for a while, but I have totally done it.

I am a huge, huge fan of self care, as much self care as you can possibly stand. Sometimes that is as simple as going for a walk or curling up in pajamas to watch a movie. I mean, Jesus made a tremendous investment in you. Treat His investment well.

I don’t get in trouble with the Lord very often, but I have heard Him a few times roaring down like a Lion, Hey! You wouldn’t treat your worst enemy like this, so why are you doing it to yourself???  Yeah, true story. Scared the heck out of me, too.

All in good fun here, but be afraid, be very afraid. Not only do I hear voices, I often obey them.

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So that said, I am a huge fan of self care. But one can only anoint oneself with chocolate so much. I mean, it will only take you so far! There you are with a pumpkin spice latte in one hand, a fine glass of wine in the other, a tiara on your head, getting your toenails painted, while trying to snort essential oils, and you realize not only are you hot mess, but you life is still a total train wreck.

I am just kidding. I actually hate pumpkin spice anything, but you get the idea. When I was younger I learned very quickly that self care will only take so far. Eventually what you really need is some good soul care. You need some soul care from the  Lord, and hopefully some love from other people, too.

I do indeed often want to say something in the midst of our “self care culture,” our rugged individualism, our self soothing. Like there’s entirely too much “self” in it! Your “self” is probably a big part of the problem and so prescribing more “self” is not the solution. Spending time with the Lord however, well that is priceless. That will change everything. He knows just how to love you. He knows just what you need.

And flat out, only people who are well loved themselves, are well equipped to love others. 

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I think as people, especially modern people kind of consumed by our own individualism, we’re missing a lot of the importance and significance of community. We heal in community. Unfortunately we sometimes get crushed there too, but that’s another story.

Something I often have trouble with, more conservative leaning people tend to perceive anything “collective” as potential socialism. Chill out dudes, I’m talking about creating some teams, building some small tribes, some extended families, not spreading world domination across 3 continents. Collectivism, not as the Borg from Star Trek, but more as the Bible instructs us, to love one another, to weep with those who weep, to rejoice with those who rejoice. To care for one another’s souls.