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I’ll try to be brief. My lament of the day is, “you don’t have to chose!” We people can be such black and white thinkers, such linear perceivers, as if everything in the world involves two simple choices. Drives me batty!

Not everything is a hierarchy, not everything is binary! In faith this really drives me batty, because so much of our faith exists to turn our linear reality on it’s head and to help us embrace the paradoxes. The Sermon on the Mount is actually called the  paradoxical sermon. That is because it is just plumb packed with paradoxes. You have been told, but I say…..

“You have been told, but I say…” is an invitation to change our thinking.

Nothing has really changed since biblical times as to the nature of people. The Disciples were actually arguing about hierarchies themselves,  as if to says, yes, but who gets to go first? Yes, but which one is greater?

We Christians do this a lot around the idea of justice. We are forever presenting a false dichotomy, demanding that there must be a choice made, as if to say we are working with complete opposites, as if it must always be a clear choice that selects one and casts out the other,  grace versus justice, legalism versus tolerance, etc, etc.

We even have this thing called ESS, eternal subordination of the Son. It demands a binary of the very Trinity Himself, it insists on the question, yes, but which part is greater?? Ai yi yi yi yi. I don’t have the words to express how I feel about this and perhaps that’s a good thing.

Yes, but surely one must take precedent over the other….

No. You can have both! You can just gently hold the tension in your hands and walk right in the paradox. You will not die, people. In fact, it’s good for you!


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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com