Good grief, sometimes life is just hard! Painful. Scary. Fear is liar, by the way. There are some 365 “fear nots” in the Bible, one for everyday of the year. I never counted them all, but someone else did and I believe it. There are a lot.


2 Timothy says, “For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind.” So if fear is not from God, dump it. Always way easier said than done.

I was actually driving down the road today with the sunroof cracked open just a bit, when I caught a glimpse of myself in the rear view mirror. My hair had all been sucked up into the opening and I looked just like a troll, like one of those funny dolls with the frizzy hair you would put on the end of your pencil.

trollsNot an Instagram model “hot mess” kind of troll either,  more like a cheap knock off of Shrek’s wife Fiona. That kind of troll, like a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy that cost 2 cents to make in China. The one where the seams from the mold don’t even match up and the eyes are off center.

I don’t know if God has a sense of humor, but He certainly uses humor to get my attention. That troll visual was pretty darn funny. I really believe my hair was put on my head to remind me there is Someone above me. Chuckling here, but apparently some of us need a more frequent reminder of that truth, so we just have more hair then others.

Trolls get a bad rap on the internet sometimes, but I really appreciate them. Well, not the mean ones, not the threatening ones, but those who step into a conversation, rock the boat, and say rather inappropriate things that might make you think. But by “trolling for Jesus” in this context, I mean it in the gentlest way, as in on the ground in real life, say something nice to someone. Come out of your comfort zone and spread some good cheer. Most people are really hurting, they need some love. Me too! You know what I really need? Too see other people showing one another some love.

“By this they will know you are my disciples, by your love for one another.”- John 13:35 I don’t know why we struggle so hard with that verse, but we Christians sure do.

“Trolls for Jesus,” I like that.  Cross paths with someone today and just let your light shine.

trolls2So, about Area 51, the aliens! I am a bit bummed I did not get to go to the Area 51 raid. For those who don’t know, it was a viral meme for a while, an invitation to come down to Area 51 and protest until the government agreed to give up the ghost. The event actually happened, more of a camping party in the desert, no significant issues, but somewhat amusing anyway. Alas… confrontation with the government and no aliens.

Aliens are all the rage where I live. Chuckling here because I too enjoy a good conspiracy theory, a treasure hunt, some philosophical speculation and investigation. Just the same, human psychology is at play here, and beneath our hunt for extra terrestials lies a desperate plea for rescue.  Aliens are not going to save us people, I’m sorry. If they really are highly advanced and intelligent, they’d flee from us in a hot minute. I love the idea of the intelligent, benevolent aliens, just waiting for us to advance and progress enough, until it’s safe to have contact with us.

Anyway, this man, this scientist, was out in the woods when he suddenly received a wi/fi signal in his head, a download of x’s and o’s, a secret alien code. We know this because he wrote it all down. Nobody knows what it means, they can’t break the code, but some people are all a buzz anyway.

So if it didn’t come from aliens, then who done it?? Along comes this troll who declares, “God. God sent the message. He’s just playing with you all. Having some fun…” I found that idea quite delightful, quite charming! God with a sense of humor playing with His creation, or perhaps sending a mischievous angel to stir things up a bit.

God as a God of play. We sure don’t talk about that much, but I think it’s relevant, I think it’s a part of His nature to be playful with us, and in the West especially, I think it’s a part of His nature we need to avail ourselves of so much more…..

boy playing with fall leaves outdoors

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