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This is Mel Wild’s post, “Spiritual Revelation is Given to Children.” I encourage you to read it, he writes some really good stuff.

So I actually had a close encounter of the God kind when I was about 3. It was profound, intense,  full of clarity, still more real to me today then most of yesterday was. It turns out I really needed that encounter, needed that experience, because my childhood soon got horrific, and the next 25 years of my life was filled with angry atheists, a smattering of angry Christian extremists, crazy cultians, and a whole lot of bad religion.

But I had Jesus. Jesus changes everything. I had Jesus, but I also had a whole lot of cognitive dissonance going on, trying to reconcile my knowing of Him, His sweetness, His goodness, contrasted against what other people where trying to tell me about Him, both deliberately and inadvertently.

What these people all have in common is this false idea that God is just a real jerk. Seriously, it’s all backwards, it is God refashioned in the image of man. Some of that yuck got repressed and embedded in me. The Lord has been plucking those thorns out for a long, long time now.

That child like awe, that sense of wonder, that playful innocence, that sense of trust, is so vital in our relationships with the Lord. It is always my distrustful, adult self that throws up walls, that tries to create distance between the Lord  and I. The Celts often called the Holy Spirit the Wild Goose, and CS Lewis wrote his famous Narnia series. This is the nature of theology for children which if you think about, is what all theology really ought to be about.

So, Happy Lord’s day where ever you might be today.

Photo by Ion Ceban @ionelceban on Pexels.com