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“Women who teach, women should not teach, should not teach.” I hope that twisted, grammatical imbroglio clarifies everything.

Let us just take a ride through this funhouse hall of mirrors, complete with some favorite tools, projection, reflection, and distortion.

For those blessed not to know, the Christian world is actually plumb full of mean girls or as people far smarter than I have named them, “The Righteous.” That is a pun on the fact that they are very, very, righteous, well, very self righteous.

So for a bit of background, red pills, incels, atheists, porn users, and some pseudo Christians, have this whole thing going on where they try to teach the rest of us lemmings about how inferior women are, and they do this especially by perverting and distorting the Apostle Paul’s words.

So Beth Moore is often under a great deal of fire for what I would call, “defending scripture.” Yes, and I happen to think she does a fairly good job of it, especially under great duress, and in 144 characters or less. I’m just going to align myself with her in one way specifically, she believes we should read and interpret the Bible through the lens of Jesus. Amen to that! So Paul’s words in the Bible are in agreement with what Jesus has already said, not in contradiction with His words at all.

To simplify, if you believe the Apostle Paul hates women in direct contrast to the great love Jesus clearly shows towards us, then you probably never met Mr Herman Neutics or his little friend Exe Gesis. I am strongly convinced however, that you have clearly met Mr. Pornography, and Mr BDSM, because those are the guys always preaching that women are evil and  must be destroyed through sexual conquest. Every more and more violent sexual conquest, if you are familiar with how porn works.

So in response to Beth Moore’s attempts to explain that the Apostle Paul does not actually hate women, several mean girls, both male and female, responded negatively. One such response is to be found here in Lori’s post, Do Not Be a Red Letter Christian.

Arrrgg, let me take a deep breath and repeat myself, “women who teach, women should not teach, should not teach.” Like Lori, I really think God is speaking to you personally, and not to the masses. That sense of conviction you feel over the prophetic need for silent women, I think that just might be the Holy Spirit talking directly to you.

I’m going to put my foot down right now. The red letter words in the bible are the words of Jesus. Anybody preaching that the words of Jesus are in some way inferior or contradictory to the words of Paul, is just way off base.  There is no Biblical hierarchy, BUT if, and that’s a big “IF,” even if we  pretended there were, Jesus is at the top of our food chain. Always. It is the words of Jesus that flow through Paul’s mouth.

My interest in this matter is somewhat comical, as in I absolutely love the Apostle Paul. His words poured healing over me when I desperately needed it, in a way no one else could. We just clicked he and I, and for some reason I got it. So imagine my horror, my revulsion, my maternal outrage when I saw my beloved Paul, deified as a red pill mascot for the pornographic red pill treatment of women.

It’s atrocious, it’s ugly, it’s perverse, it’s total heresy, but darkly comical in the sense that I met a kind of angry I didn’t even know I possessed. That is me right there swinging a sword, quite prepared to just lop off a few ears.  How dare you pervert my brother’s beautiful words….

I want to say Lori is just an isolated whack a doodle, but she is not, she did not spring up in a vacuum. Pulpit and Pen is also on the bandwagon, adding the fear of “red letter liberalism” to the mix.

Let me close this rant with my original words, “Women who teach, women should not teach, should not teach.” Why? Because they are trapped in a narcissist’s funhouse hall of mirrors, and so lacking self awareness that they don’t even realize that they are teaching. There is nothing quite like loudly virtue signaling your vast moral and theological superiority, by becoming the very same caricature of an individual type of woman the Apostle Paul spoke of in his day.


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