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I have literally dozens of drafts I haven’t posted, a rather maddening situation because I should like to post at least one, but I just hear that Still Quiet Voice whisper, “I’d rather you didn’t.” Such a soft and gentle whisper too, one that’s just so kind and wonderful I’m like, okay, I trust you.

Ironically while trying to figure out what to do with myself if I couldn’t blog, I was on Twitter and Facebook, where I often crash into the neo atheists who this time tried to suggest that God doesn’t provide answers for the questions that plague mankind. So I said,  “Well, He answers my questions. You should ask Him yours.”

Very funny, unintentionally funny, because I did realize after the fact that to an atheist brain that probably sounds a bit out there. Far fetched.  Seriously though, if you have any questions about God, just talk to Him! If you have any questions about life, talk to God! The more you do it, the more you learn how to do it, and the more wisdom or revelation starts coming your way. God answers our prayers and He answers in ways that are tailored to us as individuals. Some people hear Him, some people sense His Still Quiet Voice, some people turn right to the part of the Bible that speaks to their particular situation.

Naturally evangelizing atheists respond to anything they don’t understand with fear, outrage, hostility, and ignorance, so they went into the totally boring and predictable thing about imaginary friends and being delusional, about peter pan and talking  to cats. It struck me as somewhat funny because people do indeed talk to their cats. Houseplants, too. Cars stuck in traffic. Inanimate objects we bump our toe on. We talk to just about anything and everything……..BUT God.

In fact, we have the power of life and death in our tongues. It says so in the Bible. But science says so too, at least in the sense that plants do seem to grow better when we talk to them. Animals, too.  And people can walk around broken with a lifetime of wounds just because of someone’s careless words. We don’t have to of course,  healing is possible, but we can and we often do get weighed down by emotional and verbal abuse.

I encounter this a lot in my real life, people holding grudges and bitterness because of someone’s words. It’s frustrating and heartbreaking, especially when you have to say something like, “Dude, she died 12 years ago.” The woman has left the planet but the words she said to you back in high school are still eating away at your soul. Good grief, you really need to address that wound, it’s way past it’s expiration date.

That’s all I have to offer today. Our words really matter. Talk to God and learn to listen to Him. It’s a lovely relationship, a two way conversation, and He answers our questions when we learn to listen.


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