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So this idea that, “I am good enough,” drives me absolutely batty.  I am worthy,  I am strong, “I can do all things through Christ,” is true up to a point, within certain limitations. I mean, hardly anyone reads the sentence before that verse nor the sentence after which provides a whole lot of much needed context.

This issue drives me batty partially because I really think it’s the wrong path to go down and it doesn’t represent the truth, but also, it often cause needless pain, needless suffering. When people hear they are “good enough, and then the world comes up against them as if to prove them wrong, they blame themselves.  There’s some cognitive dissonance going on and it really has no place to go.

No place to go but shame, self loathing,  and feeling like a failure.  Or else, for some, just blaming God. 

We’re living in this world plumb full of people suffering addictions, anxiety, triggers, stress, mental health problems. The thing is, go to an AA meeting and the first step to healing is about, “I am powerless..” over my addiction. I am not enough.

“I am not enough,” is the first step towards so many kinds of healing, but what does our pop culture do? It says, you are good enough, you are strong, you don’t need nothing or nobody, in fact the whole world just needs to change, adapt, and embrace your particular dysfunction…..

Some children grew up with really good parents, and the self esteem movement, you are good, you can be anything your want to be. These were mostly well intentioned notions, designed to instill confidence, to fuel people for the life battles to come.

Really ironic, I grew up in undesirable circumstances, hearing you aren’t good enough, you are not enough, you can do nothing, you are weak. That’s not so good either, but at least I knew very young I was not enough, not good enough to make my way through the world alone. It sent me diving headfirst into Jesus, right to a Savior. When I am weak, He is strong. I am not enough and that is a very good thing indeed.

You are not enough to save a good friend with cancer. You are not enough to protect your children from the world’s pain. You are not enough, for so, so many of life’s really tough circumstances.

The Good News that brings great joy is that you are not enough, but behold! Unto you a Savior is born and He is more than enough. He will never leave your or forsake you. He already knows you are not enough and cannot go it alone.


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