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Something this pastor I am fond of  likes to say, “wisdom is situational.” It is circumstantial, it is somewhat fluid, it must have context.

All in good fun here, but Where’s Waldo? Waldo, also known as Herman, Herman Netics. Context really matters. What it all relates to, helps to define it.

You could arrive on the scene and find me standing over a dead body with a gun on the floor and wisdom is what discerns whether or not I’ve just killed the guy or I’m simply a neighbor trying to do CPR.

Wisdom is situational because how you respond to a murderer should be different than how you respond to someone rendering first aid. You can’t just print out a wisdom manual, because wisdom doesn’t work like a book of rules, as if one size fits all, or when you see this, just do this. Wisdom has too many variables. It is always going to be situational.

Lately I’ve been pondering this in the context of faith and the internet, the internet being this place where people like to leap to conclusions, kind of a shorthand way of relating to one another. Wisdom is not always flowing on the internet like an abundant fountain……

I think a lot of people in faith may have a hard time with this concept of wisdom, because we like things tidy, organized, “thou shall not….” Absolute Truth is just absolute, now don’t make me think anymore, my brain hurts. But the thing is, grace is messy, chaotic, even complex. It also doesn’t stay neatly in your brain, it goes right into your heart and stirs up trouble.

Kind of fun, Charles Spurgeon came to my rescue this week, a quote of his which lead me to a sermon of his. The quote was, “All systems of theology, except that which is founded upon free grace, in some way or other take off the edge of guilt.”

Exactly! Ponder the idea that much of our legalism, much of our works based theology, much of our strident doctrines, much of our churchian tribalism, often has the precise opposite effect of our intentions. Rather then calling us to repentance, in some way or another, it just tends to take the edge off of our guilt.

I’ve often said that free grace is a much more effective, and a much higher standard, then all our doctrines and creeds, all our theology and rules.  Those things can be a nice framework, but they aren’t the whole truth, they don’t tell the whole story.

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