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First let me post a link to this article in the Guardian by Jill Filipovic called, “A new poll shows what really interests ‘pro-lifers’: controlling women.” It’s a very flawed article,  basically click bait that attempts to inform us that prolifers are all motivated by sexism and misogyny. Also, people who support President Trump are all uneducated racists haters of all that is good and golden. Jill obviously had some trouble staying on task, hence the frequent mentions of Trump.

I wanted to post this article because Christianity, religion, faith often gets a lot of heat for it’s inherent misogyny and sexism, and some of that heat is good and justified. However, the other side of the equation, the so called prowomen, progressive, prochoice, pro something or other, can be just astounding sexist, racist, misogynists, themselves.

All in good humor here, because I’m really not offended by it all! I’m just making some observations and I do find some rather comical. I’ve spent a couple of days trying to chat with various people about this article, especially the answers to this survey and what might have motivated those answers. To no avail! To no avail because I am obviously just an Eve deceived, a foolish woman under an eternal curse of perpetual stupidity who needs have the very nature of reality mansplained to me.

Also, I know absolutely nothing of sexism and misogyny, because the weight of my lived female experiences carries no authority at all, especially when it’s up against the powerful privilege of a white male progressive narrative.

That one will really mess with your head! You really haven’t lived until you’ve tried to politely articulate your objections to some aspects of critical race theory and intersectionality, only to have a bunch of privileged white men, mansplain the entire female experience to you.

Dang dude, I had no idea I’d been doing it wrong all these years…..

Basically, Woman you have no idea what you’re talking about because you’ve been indoctrinated by internalized sexism and misogyny and you lack the ability to possess any self awareness and walk your own self through these issues. I call that “Eve deceived,” basically just this misogynistic, sexist, internalized thing that goes, this woman is contradicting my desired narrative, pfftttt, well obviously she has no authority. Also, she must be totally mad…..

Which is probably quite true, I must be totally mad, because I am forever trying to engage in civil discourse with random strangers on the internet. Or to put it more eloquently, you do realize you’re attempting to communicate with a bunch of hairless apes using strange symbols sent across space via an invisible wi/fi signal?

Like that alone isn’t evidence that we ‘re all quite mad….

So, here is a snapshot of a piece of the survey.


So, I happen to agree, “most women are too easily offended.” Most men too, for that matter. I also agree that “most women interpret innocent acts or remarks as sexist.” That’s partially because we’ve been inundated with consumeristic culture in which women’s worth is directly connected to our sexuality, and inundated by a political narrative that tells us we must be hyper vigilant, on guard and afraid, least any rapey red flags appear.

As to “equal numbers of men and women in positions of political power in our country,” that really depends.  Women do not necessarily always represent the best interests of women. I’ve worked in women dominated workplaces my entire life, which has resulted in a kinder, gentler, more respectful work environment……

Bahahaha! Let’s totally scratch that last one. Shout out to Cruella De Ville and Snow White’s Stepmother. We’ve met, we’re well acquainted. Women do not always have the best interests of other women in mind.

Do I think “the way women are treated in society is an important issue for 2020?” Only incidentally. Like, I think the opioid epidemic is bad for women. Immigration, jobs, the economy, housing, civil stability, these things are all related to how women are treated in society.

Also, a whole lot of women having to deal with the reality of an unwanted pregnancy is an act of misogyny and sexism. Yes, causing an unwanted pregnancy is an act of misogyny, especially in 2019, where birth control is readily available. So call me a feminist if you want, but for a man to create an unwanted pregnancy is an assault, it is to violate a women’s body, to demean, disrespect, and attempt to reduce her life giving power. The sanctity of life begins with the amount of respect you show towards women. You cannot separate the sanctity of life from the sanctity of women.

I won’t bore you with the rest of it, but I do want to address one last question, “are you favorable towards the #MeToo movement. ” Am I favorable towards a vague, undefined, unstructured, twitter hashtag that anybody can use? That’s what #Metoo is, a twitter hashtag!  I can’t look at their objectives, their mission statement, their bylaws. So my answer would have to be more like, “I’m cautiously optimistic.” I’m cautiously optimistic that #MeToo is going to bring some awareness and some solutions to the problems of sexual abuse.

So, as to the gaslighting and suggestions that the women who think like I do in answering this survey are all suffering from internalized sexism, misogyny, and self loathing, nope, mostly we’re just all way smarter than you even realize.


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