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You should go read Nightwind’s latest post and check out the article he links to from the National Review, called “Crush This Evil.”

I use “red pill” as a catch all phrase for some extremism, for some  radicalization that goes on, on the internet. It’s a really challenging thing to talk about amid so much political noise, people all hollering about guns, mental illness, and white supremacy.

We’re all seeking material answers for what is really a spiritual problem, a relationship problem.  The Nat’l Review said it well, “Here, as elsewhere, the best prophylactic against mass killings is individual intervention and social responsibility.”

I’m really grateful this is starting to get some coverage, the lost boys, the red pills, the radicalization of broken people by some dark forces out there with an evil agenda of their own. I’ve been screaming into the internet abyss for a good decade now, trying to get people to understand something I don’t even fully understand.

Something that continues to frustrate me, the (Christian) internet is full of accusations of heresy, of false teachings, when really that is all just so trite, so superficial and foolish. You haven’t even seen false teachings until you’ve seen the twisted perversion of Christianity that red pills are using, basically to hook people and brainwash them. It’s satanic, its demonic.

Everyone convinced “Beth Moore is the root of all evil,” or “SJW are  the anti Christ” really need to wake up and go forth and evangelize for real. Troubled young men are struggling with being unable to find their purpose and meaning in life and that is exactly what the Good News is all about! The church was made for such a time as this.

The article also says, “In the Internet era, malevolence tends to echo.” Malevolence has always echoed in the world. Love just need to echo a whole lot louder. Another name for “individual intervention and social responsibility” is actually called, loving your neighbor.